20 Interesting Facts about USA and Americans

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The United States is a curious country, with surprising data ranging from its great history to current events. As we well know, the United States has been a global potential since the 20th century.

The country has an extensive territory of more than 9 million square kilometers. According to the latest data, it has a population of 331 million (2020 data). In addition to this, it is also characterized by the dedicated patriotism that its inhabitants exhibit anywhere and when they have the opportunity to do so.

Curiosities of the United States or Interesting Facts that will surprise you

Today we bring you 30 interesting facts about this wonderful and great country so that you know a little more about its culture, history and discover those curiosities that surely, if you did not know, will surprise you. Let’s start!

1. Who designed the flag?

The story behind the United States flag tends to be as well as curious, fascinating, and even funny. Robert G. Heft, a 16-year-old student, created the flag as a school project. Heft in 1958 as a school project received the most publicity. His mother was a seamstress but refused to do any of the work for him. He initially received a B– for the project. After discussing the grade with his professor, it was agreed that if Congress accepted the flag, the grade would be reconsidered. Heft’s flag design was chosen and adopted by presidential proclamation after Alaska and before Hawaii was admitted into the Union in 1959. According to Heft, his professor did keep to their deal and changed his grade to an A for the project

2. The old capital of the USA

Washington was not always the capital. It is considered that the capital of the United States, initially, was the city of Philadelphia, and also, for five years, New York City was the capital of the United States between 1785 and 1790.

3- United States and Russia: Closer than you ever imagined

Although on the world map the two countries are at opposite ends, it should be remembered that the Earth is round, so Alaska and Russia are separated only by the Bering Strait (about 88 km approx.), although in the middle of the strait there are two islands: Great Diomede in Russia and Small Diomede Island in the USA. Between the two islands, there is only a distance of 4.8 km.

4. The United States has no official language

About 80% of the population speaks English. Spanish, spoken by approximately 13% of the population, is the second most spoken language in the country.

5. Harvard

The first university in the USA was Harvard. It was founded in 1636 and is located in Cambridge, MA, just a 10 minute drive outside of Boston.


Since 1956 the current motto of the United States was chosen. In fact, this inscription is on all American bills and coins. It has its origin during the Civil War of 1861 when the population had a growing religious feeling.

7. Obesity in the United States

This is surely one of the least surprising curiosities of the United States. It is known for being the country of fast food, and it shows that two-thirds of Americans are overweight, and half of these are obese. Both McDonald’s have made a dent, although Subway recently outperformed the burger chain, making it the world’s largest restaurant chain.

8. Only “Made In USA” flags

Since 2014, the law requires the Department of Defense to buy flags made in the United States. One more example of patriotism, since they consider that the army should fight alongside flags created in their country. In addition, this way, they avoid paying taxes abroad.

9. A terrifying fact

In 1962, the United States exploded a hydrogen bomb in space that was 100 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb.

10. Niagara Falls

The Niagara Falls is not just one but three waterfalls that flow along the border between the USA and Canada (between New York and Ontario). These are Horseshoe Falls, American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. The truth is that they are not the highest waterfalls, even in the United States.

In fact, it is thought that together they are the largest waterfalls in the world, but the reality is that they are very far from the Inga Falls on the Congo River, which is actually the ones with the highest flow.

11. United States of Earth What is this?

In 1893 an amendment was proposed to change the name from United States of America to United States of the Earth. The congressmen who promoted the change believed that the country had the power not only over its territory but over the entire world.

12. Fear of number 13

Researchers estimate that at least 10% of the population of the United States is afraid of number 13. At the work level, it is estimated that companies lose millions of dollars due to canceled meetings or absenteeism from work. Many buildings do not have a 13th floor, and many hotels avoid room 13. This is because superstitious customers do not want to stay in rooms 13 or on floors 13.

13. Colonization of Mars

Elon Musk and his North American company SpaceX have a plan to build a self-sustaining city on Mars and “turn humans into an interplanetary species.”

To do so, they announced the first trip to the red planet in 2022, through an “Interplanetary Transport System” based on reusable rockets, which will land on Mars with the first crew of human beings in history.

14. Hollywood

The film industry in the United States is the most powerful worldwide, and it is the country that produces the most movies, television series, cartoons in the world. Hollywood movies have become an indispensable part of everyday culture and have significantly influenced the viewing habits of viewers for the past decades.

15. The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of the United States associated with New York City, but it really is in New Jersey. Its physical location belongs to Jersey City.

16. Political symbols

One of the fun facts from the US related to politics refers to the symbols of the Republican and Democratic parties. The Democrats donkey was adopted in 1828 when opponents named Andrew Jackson a donkey. The Republican Elephant in 1874 due to a drawing by Thomas Nast, a satirical cartoonist.

17. How many States does it have?

If you want to know how many states the United States has, all you have to do is count the stars on your flag. So that you don’t have to, we will tell you that it is made up of 50 states plus a federal district, Washington DC

18. Independence day

America’s main national holiday: July 4 (Independence Day), when Americans celebrated the separation of the thirteen colonies from the British Empire. And they also have another very traditional holiday in American culture, which is Thanksgiving, in which Americans bless God and give gifts.

19. Bad with the environment

One of the most worrying curiosities of the United States is that they recycle almost nothing. Only 34% of waste is recycled. It is calculated that reaching 75% would be equivalent to eliminating 50 million cars. But it does not seem that it is a subject that is going to improve since Trump removed the country from the Paris Agreements, which limits the emission of polluting gases. The United States, Syria, and Nicaragua are the only countries that are not part of the agreement.

20. They love to watch TV

Americans also love television. According to a Nielsen study, the average American watches more than five hours of television every day.