20 movies that are turning 20 in 2019

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It seems that it was yesterday when we were living in 1999, but the truth is that 20 long years have passed. But to make you feel a bit nostalgic and organize a weekend marathon watching and enjoying all the old but gold stuff again, here are 20 movies that you won’t believe are 20 years old. You will be surprised to know that Matrix is on the list.

20. 10 things I hate about you 

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Initial release: March 31, 1999

It may be the music or the performances, we will never really know, but this drama is still one of the girls’ favorites.

19. American Beauty 

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Initial release: September 8, 1999

The film made Kevin Spacey become an Oscar winner thanks to his brilliant performance.

18. Matrix 

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Initial release: March 31, 1999

The science fiction story about a hero who must free humankind from the slavery of machines now seems a bit old, but it is still a story that we cannot fail to see due to its complexity.

17. Eyes Wide Shut 

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Initial release: July 16, 1999

Stanley Kubrick died six days after directing the last cut of the movie, so this is his final work. The story is inspired by the book Traumnovelle, which tells the life of a man who becomes obsessed with having a sexual encounter. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise performed one of the best performances of their entire careers.

16. Stuart Little 

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Initial release: December 5, 1999

How to forget the little mouse that joins the Little family? The story is so beautiful that when we see it, it is impossible not to move to our childhood.

15. All about my mother 

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Initial release: April 8, 1999

Pedro Almodóvar won an Oscar award, thanks to this film, which is also considered one of the best movies because of its particular point of view on grief and motherhood.

14. The mummy 

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Initial release: April 16, 1999

Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz were the protagonists of the popular film that tells the adventures of a group of people who embark on an expedition through ancient Egypt and wake up a mummy of thousands of years.

13. The Blair Witch Project 

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Initial release: July 16, 1999

It was in 1999 when people met the urban legend of the witch of Blair and a new style of cinema, in which augmented reality causes panic and stress.

12. Star Wars Episode 1: the phantom menace

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Initial release: May 19, 1999

Yes, in 1999, George Lucas began with the narration of the trilogy of the famous Star Wars prequel. In this film, young Anakin Skywalker, future Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, the legendary Jedi master, are known.

11. Notting Hill 

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Initial release: May 13, 1999

A British bookseller meets a high-profile American star. They grow fond of each other and ultimately fall in love. But, this does not go well with her boyfriend.

10. Tarzan 

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Initial release: June 12, 1999

Thanks to Tarzan, Disney said goodbye to his golden age full of princesses and gave way to the story of a child raised among apes. With songs by Phil Collins, the film became the winner of an Oscar, until Frozen arrived. 

9. The iron giant 

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Initial release: July 31, 1999

Before directing The Incredibles and Ratatouille, Brad Bird did his magic with The Iron Giant, an animated story that became a true masterpiece.

8. Boys don’t cry

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Initial release: September 2, 1999

Thanks to this film, the whole world was able to meet Hilary Swank and her incredible acting skills.

7. Toy Story 2

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Initial release: November 13, 1999

Toy Story toys returned with a new adventure in 1999, this time, they had to rescue Woody from the terrible hands of All, the evil chicken of the toy store. With this film, the public met Jessie, the cowboy, and her faithful horse.

6. The sixth sense 

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Initial release: August 2, 1999 

It was 20 years ago that a young Haley Joel Osment confessed to Bruce Willis that he “saw dead people.” The years may pass, and the thriller will continue to be one of the public’s favorites. Fortunately, it’s on Netflix, so we can see it as many times as we want.

5. Butterfly

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Initial release: September 24, 1999

The film was directed by José Luis Cuerda concentrates its plot on the learning relationship between a child and his teacher during the months before the Spanish civil war

4. Fight club 

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Initial release: October 15, 1999

No one could fulfill it and not forget the film in which an anonymous narrator tells his life with insomnia and the change he undergoes after meeting Tyler Durden, an individual who wishes to raise his violent ideas in the lives of other men. The film is an exciting analysis of personality disorders, loneliness, and masculinity.

3. American pie

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Initial release: July 9, 1999

The movie starring Jason Biggs tells the story of Jim Levenstein and his friends trying to lose their virginity before prom night.

2. She’s All That 

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Initial release: January 19, 1999

The teen movie tells the story of the typical shy girl who fights the schoolboy, but in the middle of the discussions and the rejection, they both end up in love. The best thing is that it helped make the song Kiss Me, by Sixpence None The Richer, popularize and achieve success

1. The Green Mile

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Initial release: December 6, 1999

Based on Stephen King’s novel, the film caused Tom Hanks to become a cop who knows John Coffey, a death row inmate who possesses a supernatural gift to show the truth. The film was nominated for four Oscar awards but did not win any.