20 Photographs that show how fun grandparents can be

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Ah, old age! That time to play bingo with friends and sit quietly to watch TV … But not for these grandparents!

Getting older is not synonymous with boredom, and these 20 grandparents are a clear example of this. Their occurrences reached the social networks, and we can not stop laughing. Grandparents are the best in the world!

1. A cautious grandmother is worth two

I invited my grandmother with Alzheimer to my wedding, when she congratulated me she whispered: “You are very handsome. If your marriage does not work, call me!”

2. A true gentleman

My friend went with his family to a medieval-themed party, and his grandfather introduced himself this way.

3. Well, but he painted the flower

My grandfather does not want to be in painting classes.

4. This grandmother lives in 2037

This is how my grandmother removes subtitles from movies.

5. And if you don’t calm down I tell my grandchildren that their true grandfather is Leo, huh

Once my grandmother got mad at my grandfather, and since then, he put the face of Leonardo DiCaprio in his picture.

6. Great sense of humor!

My grandfather dressed up as Princess Leia and used the vacuum cleaner as if it were R2D2.

7. When grandma scares you but is only teasing you

That’s how I found my grandmother when she wanted to play a joke and sent me this message.

8. They must be pleased tenants

My grandmother puts the cat’s hair on the branches so that the little birds have material to make their nests.

9. How is it not a cross?

My grandmother thought this was a cross and hung it on the wall. I will not say anything.

10. This granny doesn’t waste time

I found this picture of my grandmother after her New Year trip on a cruise.

11. I think you stopped but you hit

A friend of mine shared a picture of her grandparents on Thanksgiving. I would love to be that great when I grow up.

12. Poses like a professional!

The day my grandfather discovered Facebook.

13. Snapchat fun

One day my grandmother saw me posing for a ‘selfie,’ and since then, she has not stopped imitating me.

14. Grandmothers will never let you go hungry

My grandmother is Italian, and whenever she visits us, she brings this suitcase with groceries.

15. Still young and hilarious 

Here is the birthday cake my grandmother made for herself on her 69th birthday.

16. When you get mad at your partner and cut her out of your profile picture

This is my favorite picture of my grandfather, technically my grandmother’s too.

17. Security level: grandmother

My grandmother was watching that nobody comes near the ATM.

18. And if you misbehave, I give you the flip flop

The pelican bit grandmother unintentionally and is being scolded.

19. There is no way to get mad at this tender grandma

When I arrived at my house, I discovered my grandmother sewing my ‘broken’ jeans.

20. The most expensive butter in the world

I was about to throw away my iPhone case, but my grandmother gave it a better use.