20 teachers who proved they are the funniest people in the world

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The odds simply do not help, and although many teachers in the world are 100 percent dedicated to the work of teaching, we must also admit that we have all had terrible teachers that have led us to stereotype them negatively from the most diverse ways.

But it is also true that among all those teachers (good, regular or bad), we have all had extraordinary teachers, and because they are a significant part of our lives and our training, we end up taking them in our hearts with respect and admiration. They have earned work-based.

This post is dedicated to all teachers who add that “extra” to the ordinary to become excellent examples of what can or should be done when combining knowledge and passion for what you do.

20. Any resemblance to reality is mere coincidence

19. A good teacher always finds a way to keep the attention of students

18. When a student’s phone falls into the hands of several teachers

17. An excellent lesson for those who forget to take pen to classes

16. Remember where Sparta is located is not so complicated after all

15. A campfire-camp of letters

14. I don’t know if it’s the best way to motivate, but I do have a sense of humor

“Recognition for Josh Hance for the highest number of undeliverable tasks.”

13. The best way to ask students not to message each other in class

“Dear students, I realize when they send messages in class, nobody turns to see their leg and laughs. Sincerely your teacher.”

12. You should patent your technique not to use the cell phone in class

11. Although this teacher-developed its technique to avoid copying

10. Women can do two things at the same time

How to care for the abandoned cat and teach at the same time.

9. “The end justifies the means,” Machiavelli would say

8. An irrefutable lesson

How to study for your final exam?

Open your book / Study that.

7. Patience is undoubtedly one of the best virtues of teachers

6. Getting good grades can also be an art

Student: If I made some mistakes in this test, this drawing of a giraffe would convince her otherwise.

Teacher: Extra Point

5. This teacher knows how important Pi is to mathematics

4. What is needed in this world are teachers who have a say

This teacher promised that if everyone got excellent grades, he would disguise himself as Scooby-Doo and bring alcohol-free champagne. Kept his word

3. What will I take today? How about student tears

2. When things are not clear, it is best to explain with examples

1. The important thing is that everyone feels comfortable