25 Amazing libraries that book lovers should know

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Some people believe that libraries are boring places, but it is not true. At starting, we find authentic pictures, appreciate its colorful galleries, the powerful smell of old pages, and the calm of silence, to want to live in one of them you have to be a reader.

Bella ( Beauty and the Beast ) loved to spend hours inside the castle’s library. These places are not only for educational books but also architecture, design, and amazing stories. If you want to know what we are talking about, see these 25 public libraries around the world, some look like Hollywood movie scenarios.

25. Mitchell Library State Library of NSW

Located in: Sydney, Australia.

24. National Library of Austria

Located in: Vienna, Austria.

23. Monastery of the Canons Regular of St

Located in: Saint Florian, Austria.

22. Vorarlberg State Library

Located in: Bregenz, Austria.

21. Admont Monastery Library

Located in: Admont, Austria.

20. National Library of Brazil

Located in: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

19. National Klementinum Library

Located in: Prague, Czech Republic.

18. National Library of France

Located in: Paris, France.

17.Public Library Stuttgart 

Located in: Stuttgart, Germany.

16. Wiblingen Monastery Library

Located in: Ulm, Germany.

15. Dublin Trinity College Library

Located in: Dublin, Ireland.

14. Kanazawa Library

Located in: Umimirai, Japan.

13. Tama Art University Library

Located in: Tokyo, Japan.

12. Old Handelingenkamer Library

Located in: The Hague, Netherlands.

11. Rijksmuseum Research Library

Located in: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

10. Lehigh University Library

Located in: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

9. Mafra Palace Library

Located in: Mafra, Portugal.

8. University of Coimbra General Library

Located in: Coimbra, Portugal.

7. Malmö City Library

Located in: Malmö, Sweden.

6. Abbey Library of St. Gallen

Located in: St. Gallen, Switzerland.

5. Taipei Public Library Beitou Branch

Located in: Taipei, Taiwan.

4. Library of Birmingham 

Located in: Birmingham, United Kingdom.

3. Beinecke Library of Rare and Manuscript Books

Located in: New Haven, United States.

2. Jay Walker’s Human Imagination Library

Located in: Stamford, United States.

1. Biblioteca Angelica

Located in: Rome, Italy.