3 reasons why some women eat and don’t get fat

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Some women have the privilege of eating a huge amount of food and maintaining a slender figure, which sometimes makes them the object of large doses of envy, especially from those who suffer the opposite case.

What is the reason why they don’t gain weight? Why does it happen to other women just the other way around? What kind of sorcery is this? Perhaps these are some of the many questions that go through your mind, and that is why we will share the secret that these lucky women keep inside.

Genetics is guilty

You can not say for sure how much our ancestors ate, but surely they went through many famine crises, causing an evolution in our body, especially in the ability to store fat and use it as energy.

It is believed that our genes determine between 60 and 70% of our weight in general. However, scientists have only identified less than a fifth of the genes involved in the process, and we still don’t know how many there will eventually be. Sexual reproduction also plays a very important role since it allows constant genetic recombination. That is why some women today retain the genes that predispose to thinness, even though they were a disadvantage for our ancestors.

New times, old genes

Many of us still carry the so-called fat genes that predispose us to weight gain. This is due to the lack of time necessary for our metabolism to develop a positive response to the wide variety of foods we consume at this time, such as artificial flavourings and colors, frozen, junk or fast food, among others.

The movement counts

Not everything is the fault of genetic inheritance since there are other factors that contribute to weight gain or conservation. The amount of food we consume and the physical activity we do determines from 30 to 40% of our weight.

Remember that despite the history, science and genetics, we must be responsible for our body and try to maintain a specific size and weight, according to the needs of each body.