4 documentaries you should see if you love nature

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Watch these movies on Netflix to discover everything about our Planet and understand why it is important to take care of it.

You love being in touch with trees and plants, looking for travel destinations where you can be among nature, you love spending time with your pets, and reflecting on the care of our Planet.

If you feel identified with these characteristics, these four documentaries are for you. Everyone is on Netflix! With different perspectives, these films teach us the importance of fighting for the environment, caring for species, and also leading us to reflect on the intrinsic connection between human beings and nature.


Our Planet portrays the current situation of the Earth, its ecosystems, and the changes it faces in the face of men’s dominance and the drastic changes generated by global warming in eight chapters.

More than 600 people worked on the successful documentary produced by Netflix and traveled for almost four years to shoot in more than 50 countries. Our Planet not only shows the wonders of the world around us but also seeks to raise awareness of the damage we are causing to the Planet.


How is the relationship of human beings with other species on Earth? This link is the starting point for this very exciting documentary, produced by the Good Planet Foundation, which seeks to show how man is increasingly isolating himself from his natural environment.

Terra is a wake-up call: he seeks that, as human beings, we become aware of our relationship with the Planet and concentrate on seeking happiness in the simple things in life.


The journalist Craig Leeson ventures in search of the blue whale. However, as he travels through the oceans, discover the huge amounts of plastic waste that pollute our waters.

Together with diver Tanya Streeter and a team of scientists and researchers, Leeson travels to 20 sites around the world for four years to inspect the state of the oceans.

As we travel its route, Leeson gives us even more evidence about the true and alarming truth about plastic: it has turned the seas and oceans into clusters of garbage, deadly for animal life and the environment.


The actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio visits remote towns in Greenland, Sumatra, and even the Vatican to explain the devastating effects of climate change.

Throughout his journey, the UN ambassador talks with activists, scientists, and world leaders such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk, and Pope Francis and analyzes the main problems of the relationship between man and the Planet.

Throughout the documentary, he discovers that the essential error is the dependence of man on fossil fuels and seeks to make those who deny the existence of climate change reflect.