4 outdoor sports to practice in summer

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It seems that the good weather encourages us to get out of the house and practice more exercise, whether for reasons of aesthetics, health, or simply for fun. It is possible that high temperatures can put you back when it comes to training or enjoying the discipline that you like so much. When the heat is excessive, which can even be detrimental to our health, we will take a series of precautions. Today we show you the best 4 outdoor sports to practice in summer.

It can be said that any physical activity is advisable as long as we manage to adapt to the intensity and the schedules.

1. Swimming

It is a complete exercise that we can find, and with the heat, it is ideal. You can practice it in the pool as in the sea during your beach vacation. It is specially designed for those people who suffer from joint problems.

Being low impact, it can be done at any age. It is a good recommendation for those who practice running during the year and begin to accuse the damage of the asphalt.

2. Walk

The first exercise that is recommended for sedentary people is to go for a walk, especially when it is done at a good pace. It is an activity that will bring many health benefits. It can become an option if you practice it early or late in the day, when the temperatures are milder.

Over the days, you could even add a few minutes of running to these walking sessions.

3. Go for a run

It is a high impact exercise, where a large number of muscle groups enter the scene. To practice it safely, we must have in good condition both the ankles, the knees, and the hip. Try to choose a soft surface, such as grass or dirt roads, and when you go out for a run, try to hydrate yourself well and do it at a suitable time. It can be first thing in the morning or at night, depending on your availability.

4. Paddle

This discipline includes aerobic and anaerobic work. You can take the opportunity to practice it with friends or with your partner since in the company it becomes much more enjoyable. There will be people who do not like it, but it must be said that it has more and more followers in our country.