4 Tips to choose the ideal shampoo according to your hair type

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We love our hair, there is no doubt about it, but it is increasingly difficult to know which product is suitable for our hair, either because we do not know the characteristics of this or because we are guided by the wrong advice of those “gurus” of beauty of which we are faithful followers, but their hair type does not resemble ours at all.

If it is your case, I will leave you with the basic tips to take into account so that you can choose the right product for your hair.

1. Verify the components

Knowing the components of the products we use for our personal care is an aspect of utmost importance because we know which of them are harmful to us, either because we are allergic to any ingredient or because it is actually an element that should not be in that product.

2. Know your hair

The next thing to take into account is to know our hair in depth and not only referring to whether it is straight or curly, or if it has frizz or lacks volume because in addition to this we must identify if it has any other special characters that must be attended by our shampoo to use.

  • Weak: The ideal for this type of hair is to use hair loss shampoos that strengthen the hair follicles. Make sure that caffeine and proteins for growth are among its ingredients.
  • Dry: In general, dry hair, in addition to its dryness, has split ends and is opaque, so it is recommended that you look for shampoos that give it moisture, hydration, and softness.
  • Fat: Although many people believe that the ideal with this type of hair is to eliminate the fat produced by the scalp, the ideal is only to remove excess, as it is necessary for our scalp, so it is recommended to use shampoos with aloe vera.
  • Dyed hair: The best thing you can do for your hair in case you frequently dye it is to stop using irons or tongs for a while, in addition to using shampoos with large amounts of vitamins and minerals that will nourish your hair much better, giving it shine and vitality to your hair.

3. Coloration

You may have never heard it before, but if you do not dye your hair, you must identify what type of shampoo you should use depending on the tone of the hair because its shape and style will be much more defined.

  • Dark coloration: You should choose a moisturizing shampoo that will allow the tips not to be damaged and especially that its growth remains as beautiful as until now.
  • Clear coloration: If your hair naturally has a light coloration, it is ideal that you use a chamomile shampoo, yes, like baby shampoo, it will allow your hair to maintain its shine and silkiness.

4. Hair conditions

One of the things we hate the most is all those conditions that we begin to suffer due to our hair, suffering from some disease in our scalp is never pleasant, So here are the two most common and what to do to avoid them:

  • Dandruff: The best way to treat it is to wash our scalp well, in addition to drying our hair and leaving no moisture; In addition to that, do not stay long with collected hair.
  • Hair loss: It is best to apply products that strengthen the hair and scalp so that your hair loss gradually decreases, but remember that this will not be solved from one day to another, but it will take time, so be patient.