4 Tips to get some steel buttocks

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Let’s be honest, when looking in the mirror one of the biggest and most beautiful attributes that we admire in the female body are the buttocks, but many times we are not satisfied with their shape or size, and that discourages us from wearing outfits that we believe that they would fit us perfectly and when trying them it turns out the opposite, and we leave those garments aside.

So if you still do not know what to do to have beautiful buttocks and feel more comfortable with yourself, we share some things that with dedication, perseverance and effort give great and good results.

1. Choose a proper diet

We must take into account that each diet has a different purpose, so if you want to gain muscle mass, your diet will be different from that of your friend who wants to lose weight. We can tell you that you focus on consuming many proteins, essential for the growth and development of muscles; choose the adequate carbohydrates and fats, these being the healthiest, and avoid excessive consumption of calories; likewise add enough vegetables to your meals as they will give you more energy, and if you see it necessary take vitamin supplements. Don’t forget to visit a nutrition specialist to do all of this according to your health and well-being.

2. Wear the right clothes

Yes, it is very simple, but there are still people who do not take importance. If you are going to carry out any type of exercise, it is best to wear cotton or lycra pants, do not wear jeans since it is probable that by sweating and continuing to generate friction between your skin and the type of fabric, a rash will be generated ; and above all, use appropriate footwear, your waist, hips and knees will thank you.

3. Where to exercise?

Some even say that the place does not matter, but it is the opposite, because depending on where you exercise, your body will react in one way or another. We recommend that to exercise your glutes choose a solid and flat surface; It can be a park, gym, house, and if you wish, on an exercise mat like those used to practice yoga.

4. What exercises to do?

Ready to put everything you read into practice? We leave you some of the best exercises to achieve that enviable butt that you will surely feel very proud of:

Sumo squat

It is perfect for toning the internal gluteal muscles; It can be done with weight on both sides. Stand up straight, with your back straight and your legs apart, bend your knees until they are horizontal and lower with the help of your weight; When you go down you should feel a pressure on your buttocks, so we know that we are doing well. Repeat 10 times in 5 sets.

Jump squat

It requires a little more effort than the previous one, but it’s worth it. Standing, place your legs open at shoulder height, begin to make static jumps, that is, without losing the point where you started; once you get down, bend down and bend your knees so that they are horizontal; When you return to the upright posture, you will do it with momentum, which will make you start a new jump. Do 20 jumps in 4 series.

Bridge exercise

For this exercise, it is recommended to do it on the exercise mat, because you will do it lying down. Once in that position, bend your knees and place your heels under your buttocks, supporting with your heels, lift your hip off the mat, placing your strength on your buttocks and slowly lower yourself. It is important that your arms are relaxed, and the force is focused just on the pelvis. Complete 15 repetitions in 5 sets.