5 Hollywood stars who became famous too young

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There are many cases of celebrities who have ruined their lives because of fame and not knowing how to digest everything that was happening to them. Well, imagine experiencing all that when you’re just a child. It doesn’t look good, right?

Today we show you the stories of some celebrities who came to fame when they were very young and did not know how to handle it.

Great people who became famous too young

5- Aaron Carter

He is the brother of Nick Carter, a well-known member of the Backstreet Boys. He achieved fame, special thanks to music too, and when he was 10 years old, he released his famous album ”Aaron Carter”. As time moved, he got issues with releasing new albums.

4- Lindsay Lohan

It is one of the most popular cases of recent years. She worked as a child model when she was only 3 years old, but it was not until she was 11 when she moved into the world of cinema with her movie “The Parent Trap” It was from the movie Mean Girls when everything started to get out of control.

The actress faced problems with judgment, ran into an accident when she was drunk, she was in several rehabilitation centers for substance abuse, and was arrested several times.

3- Macaulay Culkin

He achieved success, thanks to movie Home Alone when he was not even 8 years old. After this film, he starred in others, but did not reach the same as before, which lead him towards the wrong path.

Culkin was arrested in 2004 for drug possession and even spent time locked up in jail. The problems with abuse did not improve, and he left acting completely and devoted himself to music and try to give another direction to life.

2- Haley Joel Osment

The hero of “The Sixth Sense” got a great success, but also faced some problems. He worked in several films later, but the youth pay’s more attention to a face in Hollywood. Ended up being arrested in 2006 when he tested positive for alcohol and drugs after a car accident.

1- Daniel Radcliffe

At the age of 10, he became the most famous child in the world, thanks to his role as Harry Potter. However, the English did not manage fame and money well and ended up taking refuge in alcohol.

“Every time I went out, there were hundreds of cameras chasing me. I was too aware of what I was doing, I needed to escape, and that’s the reason alcohol was for,” luckily he has already left it.