5 Things we should do with our body before going to bed


Typically youth is associated with a beautiful and radiant skin, since it is the passing of the years that causes undesirable wrinkles to form. You should know that we can do much more than it seems to prevent the passage of time from falling on our dermis.

There are some tricks recommended by dermatologists that will make our skin look beautiful for longer.

Keep reading, and you will see how you can make a difference in your skin.

Tricks to show off radiant skin

1- Sleep on your back

Although it seems silly nonsense since many people sleep on their stomachs or on their sides, the skin contact against the pillow is not entirely good. It can promote the appearance of wrinkles and even dry them out. So, if you are facing acne or wrinkles issue, try this little trick and see the difference in your skin.

2- Intense cleaning

After a long day of work and going from one place to another, dirt and pollution accumulate on the face and especially in the pores.

To avoid possible consequences, it is best to clean the face before going to bed thoroughly and even use a scrub once a week to clear the pores.

3- Eye contour

The eye area is quite sensitive and needs special care. To mitigate the effects of tiredness and the appearance of wrinkles in that area, it is best to use a good eye contour that suits your needs.

4- Do not neglect other areas

There are areas where the passage of time also becomes evident, such as the hands and neck. To avoid this, do not ignore them and hydrate the area with specific massages and creams. Another important area is the lips, take care of them with a balm to prevent them from cracking.

5- Pamper your skin

If you have imperfections, do not hesitate to go to some beauty products indicated to solve them. For example, for blackheads, it is best to use a good scrub or bands that remove this accumulated dirt. For pimples, you can use creams indicated for skin with acne or pour a few drops of tea tree oil in upset places.

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