5 Tips for disinfecting your clothes the right way

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Due to the contingency that we are all living around the world for COVID-19, we are aware that our hygiene and sanitation measures should be tightened a bit.

For this reason, in addition to washing our hands frequently, avoiding touching our faces, greeting others with kisses or shaking hands, without forgetting that we must stay home as long as possible, we must learn to disinfect our clothes if, for some reason, we had to be outside.

Why disinfect clothes?

You must do it because the fabrics, whether they are your clothes or even bedding, accumulate mites and germs that can cause infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

1. Don’t shake your clothes!

One of the things we normally do when we are going to put clothes in the washing machine is to shake them, but this time it is advisable not to do it since we run the risk that the virus can spread through the air.

2. Wash with hot water

Once the clothes are in the washing machine, we must make sure that the washing is with hot water, and if you usually wash by hand, it is recommended that you boil your clothes for 30 minutes to continue with the procedure, but before doing so make sure that the garment will not be damaged by high water temperature.

3. Disinfect it during washing

There are several products that we can add during the laundry to disinfect it. Among the most common home products are hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, bicarbonate or even lemon, although another option is also the products that help to remove stains from clothes, whether they are coloured or white. Just add two caps of any of these products during the washing cycle with the detergent.

4. Clean and disinfected clothing!

Whether you’re using a tumble dryer or letting it air dry, the only thing left is to let it fully pray once the wash cycle has finished, and that’s how easy you have clean and sanitized clothes.

5. Don’t forget the shoes

In the case of shoes, it will be in a simpler way. What you should do is take a water sprayer in which you will put a measure of bleach or chlorine with water, shake so that they mix, and when you get home remember to take them off at the entrance and sprinkle them up and down with the mixture you made earlier.