5-year-old boy saves his sister and his dog from a fire

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From childhood at school they begin to teach us what we should do in some emergency situation, but honestly and fortunately there are few occasions in which such learning we put it into practice; however, we must pay attention to all those indications that professionals tell us.

And exactly that was what Noah Woods, a 5-year-old boy who lives in Georgia, United States, did, since realizing that his house was on fire he saved his sister and his dog from misfortune in flames.

How did he notice?

Everyone was asleep at home, and it was when Noah woke up that he realized what was happening, so instead of being scared, he acted quickly and bravely for a little boy of just 5 years.

He gave notice to his family

When he realized what was going on, his first reaction was to take his sister just 2 years old and take her out the window, then re-enter for the puppy and take him out too; After that, he ran to his uncles’ house, who are his neighbours and told them what was happening, so that the firefighters could be called on time and helped the rest of Noah’s family leave the building. After the firefighters controlled the fire, it was determined that this was caused by an electrical socket that was overloaded in the bedroom of little Noah.

Family is safe

Despite this misfortune, no one was seriously injured, but Noah and some of his relatives were treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation.

By the grace of God, our loved ones were able to leave our house. If Noah wasn’t here, maybe we wouldn’t be here today.

—Noah’s grandfather

However, the house suffered severe damage, so they asked their community for help while recovering from the incident.

He was named ‘Honorary Firefighter’!

The amazing feat that Noah performed went viral within a few hours of what happened, due to the courage he showed he was given the title of ‘Honorary Firefighter’, and a prize for saving lives that is usually only given to professionals, in addition to the news reached the ears of the governor of Georgia, so he sent a letter of congratulation.

We have seen children alert their families before, but for a 5-year-old child to be alert enough to do this, that is quite extraordinary.

—Dwayne Jamison, head of the Georgia Fire Department