56-year-old model breaks the prejudices of age in the fashion industry

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The vast majority of women are afraid of reaching the age at which we begin to be considered “old” or in which we have reached the third age, which usually happens after 50 years, not to mention that Since 20 we are already afraid of reaching 30, ironic, right?

Even so, there are people who show us that our age is only a number, and if we want to achieve something, the will and strength are always stronger than the prejudices that society imposes on us, and this time Kathy Jacobs taught us this. Well, with 56 years she looks beautiful and best of all, she is a swimsuit model.

She is a finalist for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2020

Sports Illustrated magazine annually makes an edition of swimsuits, so Kathy, originally from Calabasas, California, decided to audition, and thanks to her talent and dedication, she is one of the six finalists.

I’ve auditioned for “Sports Illustrated” twice. The first time I could not pass the first round. But I didn’t give up! I felt a burning desire to try again and be part of a change in the way society sees women over 50.

—Kathy Jacobs

If you think that it is normal for you to stop doing certain activities after 35 years because your youth was gone and your knee is starting to hurt, you are completely wrong, and you should think about the way Kathy does it:

Being included in this means a lot to me. That is, I am 56 years old, and the world considers people over 55 as older adults, so I want to show the world what it means to be my age. I’m not ready to step aside, because I still have a lot of life to live.

—Kathy Jacobs

She worked as a model in NY

As you read it, her passion for modeling does not have a few months but has been dedicated to it for more than 30 years, although during the last, her career was intermittent. However, she initially worked with the prestigious Ford model agency in New York City.