6 bad habits you should avoid doing to your hair

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There is much talk about what we should do to take care of our hair and make it healthy and beautiful. However, we must be clear about what we should NOT do because it weakens, dries, or deteriorates, and we cannot wear the hair we want.

Let’s start with:

6) You don’t have to cut your hair regularly

If you think that cutting your hair often will grow your hair more, you are wrong. I recommend that you visit your hairdresser regularly to examine the condition of your hair and advise you of the treatments and products you need.

5) Do not get your hair done with wet hair

Any hairstyle that you want to do as braids or collected must wait until the hair is completely dry. If you do it with wet hair, what you will cause is the hair to break and weaken.

If you need to use a drying tool or you become straightened, I recommend using products that protect the hair from heat. So you avoid mistreating it.

4) Do not dry your hair when it is too wet

Please wait for it to dry a little, or dry it as much as you can with the towel. This will prevent you from exposing it to the heat of the dryers too much and avoid drying it out. We always recommend waiting until 60% of your hair is dry to start removing it to prevent it from breaking.

3) Do not abuse the products

Try to use organic products, but if you opt for conventional products do not abuse them, since most are very high in alcohol and other chemicals that harm the hair.

2) Do not dye it yourself

Unless it’s an emergency and you didn’t have time to go to the hairdresser, try to dye your hair in a beauty salon and by a beauty professional. “Dyeing it yourself even if it seems like a good option, it is a science, and it is better to leave it in expert hands before ending a mess in the hair.

1) Do not abuse the water too hot

Like hot irons or dryers, hot water damages your hair a lot, try to wash it with cold water, you will notice the difference. “If you can not stand the water very cold because it is warm but try to make the last rinse with cold water,” he said.