6 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Working

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When a relationship comes to an end, it is hard for us to accept what is happening; We are terrified that the person we thought was special is moving away from us, that the plans and dreams together disappear, so many promises will not be fulfilled; it hurts us to know that “forever” was temporary.

Psychology experts say that when the other person is no longer a partner, friend, or support, the feeling that occurs is fear, frustration, and depression. There are very clear signs that a relationship will end; these are six of them.

6. Confidence was lost

It is the basis of any relationship; if it breaks, it is difficult to retake it because there is insecurity and excessive jealousy. 

5. There is no complicity

Each couple is different, and they seem to have a language – verbal and nonverbal – to communicate: how they touch, support, speak, or express themselves. When two people become oblivious to those gestures that previously characterized them, it means that it is time to take separate paths.

4. They have a toxic dynamic

Constant fights, insults, and codependence are three determining factors to know that a relationship is no longer enough; bad times become cyclical, and there is increasing aggressiveness and/or disrespect.

3. There is no 50/50

A couple – as the name says – is two: both parties must give 50 and 50 percent. When one of the members no longer strives and blames the other for everything, it is necessary to put an end to the story.

2. There are no future plans

Surely when a relationship began, they both had planned together like starting a family, having a house, going to explore the world, among others. When you no longer agree, it is better, to be honest with the other person.

1. Love is over

If the person next to you no longer struggles, uses you, controls, or simply confesses that he no longer feels anything for you. Just get away!

A relationship requires two people who are willing to be together in good times, bad times, and worse. If the other does not give you stability, security, trust, and respect, it is best to close the cycle and let go.