6 things that happen when you don’t bathe

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Even if you don’t believe it, not taking a bath every day can have more severe consequences than a bad smell.

Due to laziness or running out to work many times, we forget to bathe and believe that in the end, this does not matter, but quite the opposite.

Bathing is essential, and we tell you why

Six things that happen when you don’t bathe let’s Have a look.

Dead skin

Do you know what dandruff is?

Well, dandruff, as few of us know, is the untreated dead skin that accumulates on the scalp when we bathe; this skin falls off with the washing of hair, and that is why the hair looks clean and healthy.

But if we do not bathe, the only thing we cause is that it accumulates little by little, and afterward, even brushing our head will be hard, and dandruff will be all around the head and shoulders.

Bad smell

It is clear that by not washing the body for a few days, the sweat of our skin can bring not only a disgusting smell but also that we smell dirty, and the body lies smell like rotten.

And I think none of us want people to be scared of us because of our bad smell.

Skin infections

And not only the bad smell can be one of the consequences when you do not bathe, but the skin is also usually sensitive, and we must take care of it, when we bathe with soap and water, the bacteria of the body disappear and allow our skin to be healthy and clean.

When we do not bathe, it is evident that bacteria begin to accumulate in the skin and sensitive areas and obviously, this can eventually cause a great skin infection


Acne is another consequence of being dirty, by not bathing the skin, it usually closes the pores of the skin with dirt causing the annoying pimples to start to come out, and this will not happen only on the face but also on the whole body.

Oily hair

Although washing your hair daily may not be recommended for everyone, but there must be a proper routine to wash hair, the hair is usually oily, and if it is not washed, fat will accumulate and can make the hair smell and look dirty and mistreated.

Itchy body

As we said before, the skin is a sensitive area, and we must treat it very well if we do not wash it, it is obvious that through sweat and dirt, the body begins to itch and cause irritation.

Let’s share the great information with all your friends and family and force them to leave their bad, not bathing habits.