6 Tricks to eliminate and end blackheads

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The black spots appear when the follicles from skin pore open and let in the dirt. These clogged pores are the perfect home for bacteria.

Unfortunately, finding a miraculous product that cleans them deeply is really complicated. Therefore, in today’s article, we will reveal 6 tricks to get rid of them.

6- Do not use very abrasive scrubs

One of the most common mistakes when cleaning blackheads is trying to do it by exfoliating the skin. The exfoliation will only eliminate dead skin cells, not dirt from the pores. In fact, exfoliating the area too strong, the only thing you will get is to irritate it and aggravate the problem.

5- Use retinoids

Retinoids are a type of chemical compound related to vitamin A. They are usually used in medicine, mainly due to their action on the growth of epithelial cells. Surely your wrinkle creams contain retinoids, but these are also very effective in combating clogged pores.

4- Forget benzoyl peroxide

The fact that it works so well to treat acne, but it does not mean that it will work with blackheads. In fact, it can irritate the skin, dry it out and cause redness.

3- Do not try to remove them with your hands

Pressing the black dots to get the dirt out will not help you much. To clean it you will have to squeeze too much and, when finished, you will have your whole face red and full of marks.

2- Clean very well everything that will touch your face

From your own hands to the phone when calling, through the tools you use and even makeup brushes. Everything that touches your face must be clean so that your pores are not filled with dirt.

1- Be careful what you touch

There are many pores that, although black, are not dirty, they are only traces of black dots that you already removed in the past. Others are simply not ready for you to be trashing them, therefore, if you try to extract dirt from them, all you will get is to make the situation worse, they will swell and become more prominent.

This advice will help you have much better skin. If you see that the problem continues to get worse, go to a dermatologist to prescribe the right treatment.

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