7 Cravings that your body ‘asks’ when it really needs something else

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Normally, we have cravings, we all like to eat a slice of pizza or a hamburger from time to time, but what is not good is to have those cravings constantly or daily, because besides that our health is not good and body is trying to tell us something; However, it is often difficult to understand what is happening.

Surely you have often thought that it is better to suppress that craving for chocolate, bread or sweets, but it is not entirely good to do it because you enter a state of anxiety that can end up taking you to a food binge; Therefore, so that you understand your body better, I leave you with the most common cravings that we have, and that is what we really need to feel satiated. It is good to eat that type of food from time to time, but not in excess.

1. Sweet or sugar

Everything sweet is related to cakes, cookies, jelly beans, ice cream or candy; However, what our body asks us for is the intake of glucose, since it helps to obtain the energy to carry out daily activities so that a better way to ingest it is by consuming fruits.

2. Salty things

Surely this is related to bag potatoes, pretzels or peanuts, but what your body is asking for is the intake of water and sodium, so the best way to get it is by eating vegetables, so at your lunch in instead of carrying a bag with processed snacks, it better carries natural and green things; And stay hydrated, there is nothing better than natural water.

3. Chocolate

For many people, chocolate is like the elixir of happiness, because one of the sensations it gives after being ingested is pleasure and relaxation. But although it has many benefits for the body that we have, a great craving for chocolate means the lack of magnesium, a mineral that helps improve circulation, so it is better to eat nuts, and in case you like chocolate, Black is a good option.

4. Coffee

This craving is not very common in many people, however when we have it, it is because our body claims the need for caffeine, so in case you are one of those who cannot live without a cup of coffee in the morning, I recommend that you exchange coffee for green tea or a fruit smoothie; This way you will get theine and an energy boost.

5. Bread

Many women have a love-hate relationship with bread, and it is indeed delicious, but we also know that it is not entirely healthy. So if your case is about not being able to say no to that slice of toasted bread with Nutella, jam, or butter, I recommend that you eat more often nuts, eggs, and fish, because what your body really needs are amino acids.

6. Fried food

The truth is that we cannot deny that french fries, pizzas, and hamburgers are one of the most delicious things of all, and it is not bad to eat them from time to time, but very occasionally and without excess. Do you know why your body asks for it? You need fat, and although it does not sound the healthiest of all, the easiest way to obtain it is through this type of food, but the truth is that it is much better to eat it with healthy fats, such as avocado or olive oil.

7. Alcohol

Surely on some occasions, you have had a great craving for a drink, but when this is too recurring, your body will most likely demand calcium and potassium intake, so it is better to drink coconut water, natural juices fruits and vegetables, and consume yogurt.