7 Everyday things that have a logical explanation and maybe you didn’t know

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If you are one of those who think that everything in this world has a reason, these are everyday mysteries that have a logical explanation.

There are things we use every day without knowing its origin, or we have customs that apparently do not make much sense. But as there is a reason behind everything, then you will see things that have an explanation that you did not know. These are seven questions about everyday objects and their logical answer:

1. Why do sailors wear flared pants?

It is one of the biggest clichés of sailors, but the bell of their pants is not just for style. This design was made to support the sailors who washed down the ship’s deck to roll their pant legs up above their knees to protect the material.

2. Why are the phone booths in London red?

In 1924, the capital of England was a city with a lot of fog. You could hardly see anything, and they painted them in that striking color so that people could distinguish them.

3. Why are the door handles made of metal?

Most door handles and knobs are made of brass, an alloy of copper and zinc that have harmful effects on microorganisms. Knobs and handles are the cleanest objects there are.

4. Why do sailors wear striped shirts?

Before, striped shirts were only worn by inmates and mental health inmates, but were later adopted by sailors because it was easier to identify the silhouette of a man who had fallen into the water.

5. Why are color cards used in soccer?

It was 1966, the Argentina team faced England. Argentine footballer Antonio Rattín committed a foul but did not understand when German referee Rudolf Kraytjlan expelled him from the game, so he continued playing on the court for another nine minutes. After this funny mistake, the decision was made to create universal signals to warn the players.

6. Why do jackets have arm pockets?

These were invented for airplane pilots in 1955, so that they could carry their keys or other small objects without discomfort. Then they became popular for many kinds of jackets.

7. Why do dress shoes have holes?

Peasants created brogue type footwear from Ireland and Scotland; they added these holes to their shoes, so they dried faster and had better ventilation for their work.