7 Reasons why Christmas is the best time of the year

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Do you remember what Christmas was like in your childhood? The excitement was not only for the visit of Santa Claus full of gifts but also for the happiness that came from being with the whole family.

Over time, some have forgotten the true motive of this celebration, and the magic of childhood seems to have vanished. But it does not have to be like that!

The end of each year brings us the opportunity to renew ourselves and strengthen family ties; Unite, make peace, laugh, and enjoy with those we love most. There are many things to be grateful for!

1. Dinner!

Accept it; it is one of the dates when you eat the richest: turkey, tamales, a rich punch to warm the body, and a good talk to warm the soul. Meeting dinner is more about living together than dinner because the best conversations always occur at the table.

2. You talk to your cousins ​​again

If you were inseparable when you were little and lived incredible adventures, but the passage of time increased the distance between you, Christmas is a perfect excuse to resume the relationship. Remember, with love, all the things in common that made you best friends and celebrate your differences as opportunities to learn from each other.

3. Reconnect with your inner soul

It is undeniable, these dates bring the nostalgia of childhood, and nostalgia is the quintessential driver for reflection. Remember your past with love, see how much you have grown, and the good times that have come to life.

4. Take the opportunity to say “thank you” to your parents

Mom and dad have given you everything. Their life, time, effort, and their love have belonged to you since you came to them. Growing up is realizing how lucky you are for the family that touched you. They also want back, even a little, how much they gave you. Please give them a beautiful gift; they will get excited!

5. You perpetuate tradition

It is said that when you grow up, Christmas ceases to mean the same thing, and the little ones don’t enjoy what you enjoyed. It is in your hands to make them feel the magic of dates too.

Invite them to decorate the tree, take them to buy the gifts of the exchange, help them write their letter to Santa, ask them for food support, sing carols, turn on sparklers, break a piñata. Childhood is fleeting and does not come back, make them have fun!

6. It is an opportunity to renew

The famous phrase says that with a new year, a new life begins. Take advantage of Christmas inspiration to strip yourself of your fears, undertake a project, enter the career you are passionate about, leave a bad habit, forget grudges, reconnect with people who make you happy, laugh more, travel more, say “I love you” More often to you and those around you. Say goodbye to your old self!

7. You realize that the best gift you already have it

Making the letter to Santa to ask for the gifts you most yearn for is a tradition that has remained to date. You may not write missives now, but you are still waiting for gifts.

It is not bad to want beautiful things, but sometimes focusing on the material can obfuscate you and prevent you from seeing that the really important thing is in front of you: your parents, your brothers, your grandparents, your friends. Imagine, for a second, a life without them, and you will see how valuable they are. Take advantage of every moment because the greatest gift is to have them by your side.