7 Reasons why you can’t lose weight

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Do you feel that you do everything, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t lose weight? It is very normal that after several months of trying to lose weight, you feel frustrated. Do not worry in this article we will give you several reasons why you probably cannot lose weight so that you check what your case is and you can solve it.

7- Abuses of dietary drinks:

To lose weight, the best thing you can do is replace all soda with water. Recently it has been discovered that sodas that promise to be free of sugars provide the same amount of calories as regular sodas.

6- You eat for anxiety:

People who are on a diet, but suffer from stress, often fall into the temptation to satisfy all their anxiety by overeating when they are not really hungry, you must take care that this does not happen to you.

5- Train alone vs group training

When you train alone you are more likely to get bored and discouraged, but when you train in a group, it is more fun, motivating and more likely to follow until you lose weight. If you don’t like going to the gym with other people, you can organize a regular outing to exercise outdoors with your group of friends or your partner.

4- Exercise on an empty stomach:

There is a false myth that says that if we exercise on an empty stomach, we will burn the calories we have in our body. This is totally false since it has been shown that if you consume a plate of protein foods a while before exercising you will burn more calories than if you do it on an empty stomach.

3- Misuse weights.

If you exercise with weights, you should know that you do not have to lift the weights so many times, opt for heavier weights and do fewer repetitions. This will give you better results since in this way you burn more calories than lifting many times weights with little weight.

2- You do only cardio.

Another false myth is to believe that doing only cardio every day will make you lose weight fast. You should know that to lose weight effectively you have to combine cardio with a bit of weight, this way you will burn a lot more calories, and you will see favourable results in the short term.

1- Breakfast properly.

Adequate breakfast is essential when losing weight since we must take care of what we eat. Change the things that contain a lot of fats such as butter, better choose to eat things that are rich in protein or eat fruits.

If you eat healthy, lower your empty calorie intake and do a proper exercise, you will achieve your goal when you least expect it.

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