7 Self-defense tricks every girl should know

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Unfortunately, today we women suffer aggressions every day, both in public and private spaces; According to the World Health Organization, one in three women suffers or has suffered a type of abuse. So it is vitally important to know techniques that keep you safe.

Self-defense is the art of hitting any attacker regardless of their physical strength. It is based on speed and boldness in situations of danger. Therefore it will not be difficult for you to put them into practice. Hopefully, you will never reach a situation like this, but if you have it, you will know what to do to defend yourself.

1. Memorize vulnerable points

No matter how big your attacker is, everyone has vulnerable points. The main ones are the nose, eyes, throat, chest, knees, and the lower area. Knowing this, you can attack anyway, just remember these key places.

2. Simple movements are the most effective

One of the best movements is to hold the little fingers and ring with one hand, while with the other, you take the middle and the index and bend the wrist forward. With this, you can knock down even the biggest man in front of you.

To disorient your opponent, all you have to do is hit the clavicles or Adam’s apple. It will take time to regain consciousness. Also, the most effective and obvious area is the groin. With this movement, you will paralyze the attacker, giving you time to escape.

3. If they take you from behind

Attackers often come from behind, as this is the easiest way to immobilize someone. If you are in that position, lean back and try to hit his face with your head, do not worry if you can not do it, this is intended to make your foot forward. When this happens, get down as quickly as possible, take your leg and get up pulling it. This will cause it to fall.

4. If they attack you ahead

If you find yourself in a situation where you are taken ahead, without the possibility of moving your arms, you should do the following: move your hands forward, forming a fist, this will make some space between you and him. Then stick your nose with your forehead. This will cause the attacker to make space, giving you the perfect opportunity to hit him in the groin.

Another technique you can use is that if you have a little space, straighten your left arm, hit his chin and nose with the right; It immediately hits the groin.

5. If you get caught on your side

A blow with the elbow is one of the most dangerous and effective in martial arts. So hit the temple, jaw or nose of the man, this will cause him to move away, giving you time to punch him in the belly.

6. To free your hands

You must turn your hand to the attacker’s thumb side and push quickly. If it doesn’t work, turn your hand to the side of your thumb and pull the arm as fast as you can.

7. If you get caught in a wall

If you find yourself cornered on a wall, you must remember the vulnerable places and hit one, depending on the position. If the attacker’s arms are raised, straighten your hand and hit his armpit. If only one of your arms is on the wall, you have the opportunity to hit the chest, neck, or jaw.

But one of the most powerful blows is with the head. Crouch down to be under the opponent’s head, get up very fast and hard. The blow will disorient him instantly.