7 Tips for walking in heels better than Rihanna

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Heels stylize the figure, make you look taller, and give a sophisticated touch to your looks. Of course, knowing how to use them is another thing. While there are girls who master the art of heels perfectly and are capable of giving a catwalk with them, there are others who feel insecure and find it difficult to stand in this type of shoe.

If you are from team number two and you have nightmares with your heels, here are some recommendations so that you no longer compete against Bambi walking on the ice.

7) Choose the right model

If you never wear heels and walk through life with flats, don’t think about starting with 10-centimeter platforms, be realistic! Start with five or seven centimeter square heels to help you gain confidence and learn to keep your balance. If you use them two or three times a week, very soon, you will be able to master more height.

6) Right straight

Posture is everything, it is useless to wear the most stilettos if you are hunched over. Push your shoulders back and keep your abdomen strong for more support.

5) Create an imaginary line

Just as models do, you should put one foot in front of the other and the toes facing forward. Practice, and you will see the difference. Kendall Jenner, who?

4) Not on tiptoe

Support the heel first and then the rest of the foot, so you will get less tired, and you will be able to walk much better and faster.

3) Without running

Running in heels should be considered an Olympic sport; it is quite a feat! The best thing is not to do it and choose to go calmly with good foot support. Feel like a goddess. You go, girl!

2) The correct size is important

Give yourself time to choose a good pair of shoes; They should not be loose, and many should squeeze. A bad choice of footwear mistreats your feet, and it will be impossible for you to walk properly. Bye, glamor!

1) Never wear new ones on special occasions

It is a wedding, and you want to run a day before to buy some shoes. They will look cute and shiny, of course, but you will damage your feet due to the hard material and the tired of the platform. The result? You will walk fatally, and you will miss half a party for sitting. Give yourself time to wear those new shoes and “loosen” them a little before the day of the event.