7 Tips to take care of your hair without visiting the hairdresser

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No woman in the world does not want to have beautiful and healthy hair, and sometimes we get obsessed with the subject, so we do the best to have beautiful hair.

Among those things we get to try tricks or ‘grandma’s recipes’ without knowing what we really do, so we take care of collecting the most common mistakes we make when ‘taking care’ of our hair.

1. Always have collected hair

Yes, the truth is that we all feel a little lazy to wake up half an hour earlier to be able to comb our hair, so every day we resort to making a bun, a braid or a ponytail; What you do not know is that this is very bad because your scalp ‘does not breathe’ and this makes your hair not grow healthy.

2. Be our own stylist

Many YouTube tutorials that we have seen are not stylists, so it is preferable to go to cut your hair with someone professional. Believe me; it is not a waste of time or money but an investment.

3. Wash your hair too often

It may seem impossible to do, but it is recommended to wash your hair every third day because that way you let the follicle dry completely, and it is not wet all the time. Make dry shampoo your best friend, I assure you that in addition to wearing prettier hair, you save time in the shower and getting ready.

4. Brush it when wet

Of course, it is necessary to brush the hair so that it gives shine and undo the knots, but do not do it when it is wet. It will only cause it to break because when it is so, it is much weaker. It is recommended to undo the knots with your fingers or a separate tooth comb when wet.

5. Wash it with hot water

It is probably one of the things that will cost you the most not to do, especially in winter or if you live in a cold area for most of the year, but believe me that starting to wash it with cold water is something that your hair will thank you for, and not only your hair but also your complexion because washing your face with cold water decreases the probability of the birth of new imperfections.

6. Use products for any type of hair

Many of us do not care if the shampoo or styling cream we use is the one for our hair type. However, we must use the indicated ones because in addition to that they were designed in that way they are the ones indicated to control the frizz, give volume or protect, so look for the one that helps you the most.

7. Think only of the hair and not the scalp

We love our hair: its length, the shine, its shape and we leave aside a very important aspect, and it is that this is born from the leather hair, so it is essential to take care of it because if you have dandruff or another condition, in the long run, your hair and follicles will be the most affected.