8 Curious things from day to day that you don’t usually know what they really are for

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Every day we use various objects that hide tiny secrets, even we don’t know it. Here are 8 objects with some purposes that you never imagined would be there to help you in one way or another.

8- Do you think you know how to use a cutter correctly?

Take a closer look at the blade. If you look, you can see some very small lines through which you can split the blade to keep it always sharp. To sharpen the blade, use the opposite end cap, which should have a slit where you can enter the blade segment you want to remove. With a simple blow of the wrist, you should be able to make the cutter blade look like new.

7- Why do some containers have a pointed element in the cap?

You are facing the easy-open! Unscrew the lid, turn it over and push it against the mouth of the container. The pointed element will pierce the protective sheet of the container so you can open it without any effort.

6- And what are the highlights in the «F» and «J» keys?

When we practice typing with our 10 fingers, the «F» and «J» keys are the reference keys where our index fingers rest. These small bumps make us feel by touch if we have our fingers well placed on the keyboard without having to look away from the screen.

5- What about the holes in the rules?

Very easy. To be able to hang them.

4- Why do Apple chargers have these “tabs”?

The chargers have these folding “pins” to offer a place to wrap the cable so that we can store it in an orderly manner. Start by wrapping the compact part of the charger with the thick cable and then pass the thinner section through the two wings. Make sure the cable is collected using the end clamp.

3- And since we talk about Apple, what do you think about the hole next to the camera on an iPhone?

It is the microphone you will use when using the main camera.

2- What is the role of the membrane that the caps of some plastic bottles have?

Surely you have ever removed this membrane from a cap and have been able to verify that the bottle closes just as well. So what function does it have?

That membrane is necessary to keep EVERYTHING inside the bottle, liquids, and gases. If it’s not here, all our carbonated soft drinks will lose their bubbles in the blink of an eye.

1- Why do wine or champagne bottles have these slits at the bottom?

They are not there for the sommelier to have a better grip while serving the wine, which is what you have surely been able to hear. Its function is actually to compensate for the pressure of the contents of the bottle during the corking process. The bottom of the bottles is one of the weakest points, and the notches help distribute the pressure evenly inside the bottle.

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