8 food myths you should know

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Throughout our lives, we have heard different myths about food and the way of cooking that limit or encourage us to use them. Many of them are false, and they can even become dangerous. That’s why we collected 8 of them that turned out to be false:

1. Wash the chicken before cooking: 

 The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) published that washing the raw chicken causes just the opposite of what is sought. Bacteria are not eliminated but spread more. Remember that fire kills everything! Just cook it very well.

2. Egg yolk is harmful: 

This is false. The yolk does have cholesterol but no more than other foods and everything within normal ranges. In fact, the yolk is healthier than the white one since it has fewer calories.

3. Eating celery makes you lose weight: 

Because celery is pure water and has no calories, it is believed that eating it takes more than is consumed, which in the end will lose weight. That is completely false. No food alone will make you lose weight.

4. Alcohol evaporates when cooked: 

This is totally false. Several studies have already shown that; no matter how much we cook it over low heat and leave it for many hours, alcohol will only reduce 5%.

5. Drinking a glass of red wine daily is healthy: 

A recent study revealed that alcohol consumption, even if it is not enough, will never be healthy for our body. Alcohol in the medium and long term has irreversible consequences for our health.

6. The fewer carbs, the healthier you are

For Healthy Eating, Choose the healthiest carbohydrates, especially whole grains, is more demanding to your well-being. At least 7 significant studies show that men and women who eat whole grains have less heart disease up to 20 to 30 %. 

7. People with diabetes should give up sweets

 In balance, an occasional sugary feast is precise. The solution to maintain blood glucose levels is a balanced diet to provide a mix-up of carbs, fats, and proteins.

8. Kale is the healthiest green.

Kale is a healthful food, but, as per the research of William Patterson University, spinach and romaine lettuce can be more nutrient-dense than kale.