8 habits that make you eat when you’re not really hungry

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Not being able to stop eating when you are not even hungry is something that can happen to you very often. You might realize it or not, Check if it is not for any of these reasons:

8. Chew gum 

A study published in Eating behaviors found that chewing gum can make you eat much more. What happens is that you are cheating on your stomach because when you start salivating, it waits for food. This causes gastric acids to be produced, and you begin to feel more hungry.

7. Do not sleep well 

When you don’t sleep well, your body will feel tired and ask for more carbohydrates than usual. In fact, a hormone called ghrelin that is responsible for appetite and metabolism will be activated.

6. Consume high fructose 

Surely when you eat sweets with fructose, you feel that you cannot stop eating. Well, we will tell you, what happens is that fructose directly interferes with a hormone called leptin, inhibiting the ability to feel full.

5. Leave things in your sight

Definitely, if you are working next to a package of cookies, I assure you that you will not stop thinking about them. And all because you will create anxiety and only calm down by eating one. So better, get them out of your sight.

4. Drink alcohol 

It may have happened to you that you are having a drink, and it initiated your appetite. Well, this can happen to you even if you are not hungry or have eaten recently, so be careful.

3. Being Stressed

Excess stress can also be confused with hunger. Cortisol released when we are released; this will make your body ask for fats and especially a lot of sugar.

2. Do not eat a balanced diet 

The lack of nutrients can make you need to continue eating despite being full. It is as if you ate the whole bag of potatoes that will not bring anything to your body. Most likely, you’ll get hungry soon.

1. Thirst

Many times we feel hungry; in reality, what we need is water! Remember when was the last time you drank water or drink a little to see if you are thirsty.