8 Lessons of love that ‘Marriage Story’ left for us

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Marriage Story is the film that reminds us that love is not enough to sustain a relationship, and saying goodbye is painful, but it is also necessary.

The film is based on the divorce experience of director Noah Baumbach and his ex-wife Jennifer Jason Leigh, and precisely because of that the film leaves us 8 precious lessons about love relationships.

1. Never forget about yourself

When we are in a relationship, we usually forget ourselves to meet the needs of the other. This should not happen, because, despite everyone and everything, you should be your top priority.

2. Become the # 1 fan of your partner

Support him in his projects, help him to be a better person and grow together, don’t cut his wings.

3. To maintain a relation, you need teamwork

Poems, kisses, caresses, gifts and romantic songs are not enough to sustain a relationship. To maintain a healthy coexistence and true love, you need teamwork, honesty, listening and being heard, freedom, respect, trust, fidelity, and being willing to repair the damage instead of giving up.

4. Don’t feel guilty

That only aggravates the damage, and you will end up discovering that both have been injured for days, months or years. Face the situation calmly, accept that you no longer feel right next to that person and spread your wings to begin a new journey without hatred or resentment.

5. Seek independence within your relationship

Dependence and loss of self-identity are the main reasons for separation, so keep studying, dancing, meeting with your friends, do not change your clothes or your way of speaking, be true to yourself, be yourself.

6. Sometimes it is necessary to say goodbye

When there are more fights than kisses, when there are more screams than poems, more loneliness than the company, it is time to say goodbye. 

Remember that the end of a relationship is not a failure but a new opportunity to meet you again.

7. Separating is painful

It doesn’t matter if you and your partner reached an agreement to end on good terms. Separating always hurts, especially when there are children and visits to the court in between.

8. Forget the opinion of others

When we go through a separation, our family and friends issue “recommendations” about it, and this mostly hinders our emotional process. The best thing you can do is take some time alone, avoid talking about it with anyone, and stand firm to your convictions.