8 Quick beauty tricks perfect for winter

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We all like to take care of ourselves and be attractive whenever we can, but there are times of the year when it is easier to do than others. Winter and cold weather, although it seems not, facilitate our life in this aspect in different ways, we show you today.

The best winter beauty tricks

8- Tanning by parts

We all like to be tanned, even in winter, which is easier than in summer, even if it sounds weird. You can apply small layers of bronzer only on your neck and face, which is what it looks like. It will seem that you have sunbathed and you will not be so white in the photos.

7- Hair removal

It sounds silly, but winter clothes allow us not to shave as much as in summer. For example, if the long pants are a bit short, you just have to shave the ankle area.

If you wear torn pants, choose well the areas that are going to be seen to be shaved. 

6- Skin cream

It is not pleasant to have to put moisturizer with the cold in winter, so you can start using a moisturizing gel.

5- Wear wool caps

The cap is our best ally if we haven’t had time to wash our hair or comb our hair as much as we like. You can even cover the hair if you have not had time to go to the hairdresser.

4- No pedicure, manicure

Why do you want to pedicure in winter if you are not going to show your feet to anyone? And when you’re at home, you’re sure to wear socks to keep your feet warm.

3- Party makeup

Decide what makeup suits you, learn to do it, and repeat it without thinking for all the celebrations. At times like Christmas, it is perfect.

2- Oil Therapy

Pamper your skin with coconut oil before a bath to heal dryness of your skin. Use a creamy soap that renders that extra suppleness to your skin.

1. Hair Care

Don’t go outside with wet hair as you may risk breakage. Avoid using hairdryers and curling irons on hair. Even if you are using those types of equipment, use conditioner before using them.

Are you going to start applying these beauty tricks? Do you want us to show you more when the good weather comes?

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