8 remedies to remove dark circles and eye bags

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No one likes to suffer from dark circles and eye bags. Here are eight tricks to make your eye bags and dark circles disappear with homemade remedies if you want to eliminate these annoying marks follow the following tips

8. Use masks

In the commercial market and the world of natural remedies, there is a wide variety of options that can help you treat the damage in this area. Wearing masks not only enables you to eliminate dark circles and eye bags but also allows you to keep this area moist and radiant.

7. Use special eye creams

Like masks, creams aim to lessen the effect of these marks; However, you should not wait to start using them for getting rid of these marks. Try to apply them constantly to keep the area of ​​your eyes in perfect condition.

6. Apply chamomile tea bags

This simple home remedy will help you to deflate this area and, therefore, will diminish the effect of dark circles and eye bags. If you use it, try to take care of the temperature so that you do not burn and do not damage this area.

5. Sleep well

The bags in the eyes and dark circles are the result of lack of sleep, so try to sleep between 7 and 8 hours a day.

4. Take care of your salt intake 

Too much salt causes fluid holding, a problem that is reflected in the appearance of bags in the eyes. Take care of the amount of salt you eat because it can not only affect the aesthetics of your eyes, but you can also suffer more severe health problems.

3. Sleep on your back

Sleeping in this position will facilitate the correct circulation of blood, which will maintain the natural beauty of this area.

2. Use milk compresses

Soak two pieces of cotton in cold milk and place them over your eyes to remove dark circles and those annoying little bags.

1. Bleach dark circles with aspirins

One way to hide the color of your dark circles is to bleach them with ground aspirins. When you have the powder ready, mix it with cold milk and apply the paste on the affected area.