8 Terrifying true stories that happened behind the scenes of famous movies

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We all know the stories that the movies we see tell us, but rarely we find out what happens behind the cameras. However, a lot of films hide macabre stories behind their shootings.

8- Come and see

This 1985 film tells the story of the Soviet victory in World War II. During the shooting, real bullets were used, that made cast members feared for their lives.

There are times when the shooting set stories become a reality, even the loved ones, and these couples met in the middle of the filming of a movie.

7- Aguirre, the wrath of God

Director Werner Herzog threatened an actor Klaus Kinski with a gun when he intended to leave the film. Also, when the actors were gathered outside of recording hours, they fired in the air to scare them and shut them up.

6- Alien

Alien’s first film was made in 1979 and has become a classic despite its problems during filming. A story that few people know is that to create the alien’s head, they bought and used real skulls from India.

After use in other films, India decided to close the companies that were selling parts of human skeletons abroad.

5- Dau

This 2011 film drove the actors crazy because they were forced to live like in the mid-twentieth century in Russia. No mobile phones, no modern objects besides the clothes they had to wear.

The food came in cans, and they barely had a life outside the shooting. Many of the actors claimed to feel like in jail.

4- Eraserhead

This movie of the 70s is one of the most chilling in history, and it is not surprising knowing that it is from David Lynch. The director has always refused to talk about how the baby of the movie was made, which provoked some to believe that it is a real being.

3- Skippy

This Oscar-nominated film in 1931, needed his star, Jackie Cooper, to cry in front of the camera. To do this, director Norman Taurag pretended to shoot the little dog to get a real emotion.

2- The last house on the left

The director of this film, Dennis Iliadis, went overboard and consistently scared and threatened the actors to get real reactions.

For example, actress Sandra Cassel is almost thrown down a cliff to threaten and terrorize her for the next shot. In another action scene, a real chainsaw was used that endangered their lives. 

1- Noah

During the recording of this movie, Emma Watson was being harassed by a man. One of the days, they had to record Watson’s escape through the forest, which the stalker utilized to attack her when she was alone on a break from the recording.

The actress suffered several injuries but did not file charges because her mates quickly intervened to kick him out and make sure Watson had much more protection for the rest of the film.