8 things that happened in Mean girls and do not make sense

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Mean Girls is one of the favorite movies for women. Thanks to it, we know that on Wednesdays we must wear pink and also that life is a jungle that survives the most astute. But without a doubt, the best were the characters, especially Regina George.

Although the film is very good and fun, honestly there are a couple of things that do not make sense, here we will explain what they are, maybe you can figure out why they decided to include them.

1. Why did Cady have a perfect American accent?

She is supposed to have lived in Africa since she was very little, but nobody knows where she came from and why when she came to the United States she had an excellent accent, isn’t she supposed to speak as an African?

2. Does anyone know what “fetch” is?

Throughout the film, we hear Gretchen say, “This is so fetch, ” but what is it really supposed to mean? I had thought it was a fetish, but that is even stranger.

3. Did Plastics never violate your dress code?

They always wore pink or had a garment, so we haven’t yet determined if they really knew what day of the week they were on.

4. Why didn’t they have rules for Halloween costumes?

The Plastics handled a myriad of codes and rules between them, so why did they never talk about what costume they would wear for Halloween? Knowing Regina, she would want to know what the others would use so they wouldn’t copy her outfit.

5. Why were Kälteen bars prohibited?

At one point in the film, Cady says her mom used bars to feed children in Africa but that they were banned in the United States; so how could they bring them from there? Were they smugglers? What did they live in or work on in the United States? There are so many mysteries with Cady’s parents.

6. They believed that Regina would not find out anything

When they organized the party at Cady’s house, they said it would only be a “small gathering”; however, the entire school was there because they believed Regina would never find out. She knew every move, yes it was definitely a great betrayal.

7. Who told Karen she had a power ?!

She assures that she has a kind of “sixth sense,” her breasts warn her when it is raining, did she make it up? Who made you believe you had it? Do your breasts really warn you? Anyway, it is only a movie, but we have many doubts.

8. At what point did Gretchen learn to speak Vietnamese?

At the end of the film, you can see how Gretchen gets a new group of friends; however, to adapt, she learns a new language. At what point did she learn it, and how do you do it so naturally?