8 Tips for an ultimate closet cleaning

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How many times a year do you do a closet cleaning? And how many of those cleanings are deep and leave you satisfied with the results obtained?

We have heard the phrase “you have to take something out so that something new arrives,” and it not only applies to life situations, you must also apply it in your closet, so we want to help you know how to do a closet cleaning and take advantage of it.

1. Take out clothes of smaller sizes

The only clothes that can stay in your wardrobe without necessarily being your size are oversizes. All garments that are smaller than yours should not be in your closet, more than anything because they do not look good.

Sometimes we keep them because we believe that “we are going to lose weight,” but you made that promise 3 years ago, and you have never touched those jeans again; then it’s time for you to take them out. The sizes do not tell you who you are.

2. Eliminate clothes you will never wear

I don’t know if it happened to you too, but generally, when we are sad or go through difficult times in our lives we make compulsive purchases, spending our money on clothes that we did not like and were not in our style, and we never used that blouse or dress, so if there are such cases take out those garments; you can sell or donate them.

3. Discard garments in poor condition

This is where all the clothes we keep usually come in because they have sentimental value. Understandably, you want to keep a dress or jacket because someone very special gave it to you, but the truth is that the garments have a useful life period. If the fabric is worn, pitted, or even fading, it is best to discard it.

4. Give them a second chance

This is merely optional and only for those garments that are in good condition; Analyze the clothes that you don’t know if you will discard and think if there is a different way in which you can put together an outfit that you like. If you find the way, perfect! The garment stays, but if not, the ideal is that you discard it.

5. You can sell your clothes in good condition

First of all, make sure that your clothes are in excellent condition, it does not matter if it is completely new and you only removed the label, or it is second hand.

Once we understand the bases, you should know that your garment will not cost the same as what it cost you, since it is no longer the same season and it is almost impossible for someone to buy it at the same price. But there are applications where you can offer them.

6. Donate the garments to associations

Like the previous option, first make sure that the garments are in good condition and, in case you do not want to sell them or they have not been sold, you can donate them to associations that later they will deliver to people who need it. So you will be doing a good deed.

7. Take an inventory of your wardrobe

Although you think it is useless and boring, it is quite the opposite. Taking an inventory of the clothes you have is very good, since it allows you to know each and every one of them, in addition to which you can make better decisions when making new purchases.

8. Changes are good

In many occasions, we do not carry out deep cleaning of our wardrobe for fear, basically for removing things that we may require in the future, but the truth is that it is very unlikely to be this way. You will feel much better after taking out all those clothes that you no longer wear, and you will see how you also help others, and you can still earn some money.