9 Bad Habits That As Parents We Must Leave Behind

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From the minute we become parents, we must work on our actions.

When you hear the words “bad habits,” your thoughts may turn to excessive drinking, smoking, and the like. But once the children enter the scene, every movement you make influences their actions. A careless word here and there is no big deal for an average adult, but nobody wants to take responsibility for the child who screams obscenities in the playground, right? 

Because of this, we have put together a series of habits, not so good that moms and dads should try to eliminate.

9. Technology addiction.

Each family has its own philosophy when it comes to children and technology, but we can all agree that being tied to a device 24/7 is not a healthy approach. With that in mind, analyze your own technological habits. If you check your iPhone every two minutes, it will be difficult to tell your children that they are not allowed to do the same.

8. Self-contempt.

Whether you are a mother of girls or boys, the key to your children having healthy self-esteem is to lead by example. Don’t talk badly about your body, weight, wrinkles, or anything else about you in front of them.

If you are trying to lose weight through diet and exercise, emphasize the healthy foods you eat and how strong and energetic you feel, rather than the numbers on the weight.

7. Proper meal

We know that mothers are multitasking masters, but don’t let your children see you eating a donut or skipping meals. Make an effort to set the example and encourage healthy habits at mealtime.

6. Speak badly about others

If you can’t control the gossip session that is happening on another mother while watching your son’s soccer game, you can choose not to participate.

Allowing your children to see you speak negatively about another parent, child, teacher, or anyone will inevitably lead them to think that it is okay to do the same.

5. Excess speed.

Putting the pedal and crossing the limits of your speedometer is never a smart idea, but the last thing you want to do is put your children in danger. And even if you arrive home safely, risking a meeting with the police is also not the best example.

4. Bad words.

It is possible that saying one or two swear words while talking with a friend may not seem like a big problem before your child, but there is no one as impressionable as a small child. They are absorbing everything you say, and even if they don’t repeat it immediately, you never know what the next word of those little mouths will be!

3. Stay in bed

If you are in the rare minority of parents whose children sleep late, it is important to set an excellent example on how to start your day. Being the last to arrive at school every day does not establish a good basis for your level of motivation in the future.

2. Leave the television on all day

Sometimes without realizing it, the television stays on all day long, even if nobody is watching it. Terrible! While we all have our favorite programs, there is no need for constant background noise for anyone.

1. Little white lies

It is not easy for children to distinguish the difference between a “little white lie” and dishonesty, so simplify things by simply telling the truth, always.