9 movies that we should watch with a drink in hand to have a good night

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Can you think of a better plan than watching a good movie with a glass of wine in your hand? The cinema and the enology form a perfect couple, perhaps that is why there are so many films and documentaries that focus on this exciting science.

However, although the theme is not focused solely on wine, many films combine perfectly with a good glass.

9 Movies that you can enjoy with a glass of wine in hand

9- Bridget Jones’s Diary

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Renee Zellweger presents all his insecurities in Briget Jones’s Diary. The single par excellence makes you have a fun time, dressed as a bunny, and looking for love. The best compliment to see it? A bottle of wine.

8- Amelie

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A 2001 French romantic comedy directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. In it, the protagonist discovers that her goal in life is to fix the lives of others, for which she invents all kinds of strategies — a perfect movie to accompany her with a glass of good wine.

7- Like Water For Chocolate

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This is the story of a magical and realistic love that is hampered by the decision of the matriarch of a family. A mixture of romanticism and eroticism with gastronomy as a link. Viewing can be much more charming with a glass of wine in your hand.

6- A Good Year

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In the captivating landscapes of southeastern France, London broker Max Skinner inherits a chateau and a vineyard that his eccentric uncle cultivated more than 30 years ago. With a 1969 Tempier cup, uncle and nephew share a game of chess.

5- Ratatouille

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This film that moves you to your childhood, is incomplete if we do not accompany it with a glass of wine at height. What do you think would be appropriate for a pleasant “ratatouille”?

4- Silence of the Lambs

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The FBI looks for ‘Buffalo Bill,’ a serial killer who kills his victims, all teenagers, after thoroughly preparing them and tearing off their skin. Yes, we know that it is the most chilling, but what better than to accompany so much mystery with a glass of wine.

3- Apocalypse Now

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Imagine yourself and a bottle of wine watching this trip to the heart of darkness. Be careful, because it lasts more than three hours and you can end up with good drunkenness. Of course, you will also end up knowing yourself much better.

2- The Princess Bride

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A bet, two glasses of wine, and a princess to rescue. After defeating Inigo Montoya and the giant Fezzik, the evil pirate Robert challenges Vizzini’s intellect in a game of life or death. The only one who drinks the glass of wine that is not poisoned can win.

1- Sideways

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This story of friendship, maturity, and acceptance was transferred to the big screen by Alexander Payne in 2004. The story takes place between vineyards, on an ethnological trip through California, in which we can discover the pleasure of good wine.

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