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There is no doubt in this that a dog is the most faithful friend of humankind, the best company for the sad moments, and also the funniest at the time of the adventure. And why not watch a movie in the company of your dog? We bring you a list of the film you should watch if you love dogs.

Look at the following list!

9. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

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This emotional film makes us see to what limit the loyalty and love of a dog can reach for its owner, and this movie is based on real events.

8. Underdog

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This movie is based on a Beagle that has superpowers, these superpowers were granted by accident, but the dog decides to use them to protect all humanity as a superhero.

7. All dogs go to Heaven

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This movie is somehow old, surely those who grew up in the 90s ′ remember it with appreciation. Basically, it is a street dog ​​of a German shepherd breed that died, and it got allowed to enter the dog’s sky. All the way, he meets a girl in his surprise, and she can talk to dogs.

6. Beethoven

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Generation of 1981 to 1996 should definitely watch this classic movie about doggy love, the adventures of this intelligent dog will steal your attention. Beethoven will appear with his massive size to make destruction in a family home, he will win everyone’s heart, but he will also have to escape from a doctor who has very bad intentions. The special in this movie is that it has a sequence, and you can see the story of this dog and its future pups, each with their own adventures and stories.

5. 101 Dalmatians

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This is a classic of all time, but many have not seen it yet. A couple of Dalmatians has a family that every dog ​​would want, and to complete their happiness, the puppy arrives. But an evil villain will chase them through Heaven and earth with the idea of ​​stealing their fur and making expensive coats, not knowing that the daredevils are actually the naughty puppies.

4. Lady and the Tramp

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Surely you will know the scene where both dogs share the same spaghetti. It is a very romantic and sweet story.

Lady, a dog of breed Cocker feels replaced when their owners have their first baby, sadness takes hold of her and wandering the streets, she meets a stray dog ​​and falls in love with, this is just the beginning of the romantic adventure dog.

3. Turner & Hooch

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This inspirational movie is already several years old, but it is still a beautiful story that you should see if you love dogs. Tom Hanks is a policeman who has to take care of an adorable dog for life, but at the same time, he hates dogs. How can someone who hates dogs end up loving them?

2. K9

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This is a comedy movie that won the hearts of many dog ​​lovers: Policeman Michael Dooley is a bad-tempered detective from the San Diego Police Department who investigates Lyman, an international drug dealer (Kevin Tighe). To help, Sergeant Brannigan (Ed O’Neill) hands him Jerry Lee, a trained German Shepherd police dog.

1. A Dog’s Purpose

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The inspiring film raises the idea of dogs that die in some way are born again and look for who was their owner in a previous life, and thus canine fidelity crosses the barrier beyond life and death. Prepare the mufflers to cry!

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