9 revealing moments that only women who live alone have had

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When you have made the decision to leave your parent’s house and enjoy the freedom, you start to miss them as the first month’s payments arrive, since settling them can be a bit complicated and deciding between buying a new outfit and paying the rent for the month is too frustrating.

However, you learn to manage yourself, you become an accountant, plumber, engineer, carpenter, and even a psychologist, and you give solution to every problem that appears at home, and when you get certain achievements you feel dominate the world, and how would you not do it if you have put all your effort to achieve it.

1. When you manage to pay the rent on time

No need to borrow from family, neighbors, or friends. Good administration of the month!

2. When you don’t need fast food anymore

You have learned to do basic shopping for preparing food. All thanks to a lot of tutorials.

3. When you learned to use the washing machine without instructions

Now you have the luxury of having clean clothes for the whole week.

4. When you found the perfect outfit

For the next job interview, without consulting your mother. Although now you take it to each interview.

5. When you got a job without help from your parents

It is not reliable, they pay you little, but at least you have achieved it with your own effort.

6. When you understood the sense of freedom

The idea you had of being free was totally different: you thought about attending parties, revealing yourself, drinking too much, but it turned out to be the opposite. Now you are less free than ever, thanks to your full-time employment.

7. When your priorities changed

Now you are able to stop buying that makeup to devote a delicious dinner.

8. When you stopped washing dishes

It was the best feeling in the world. Long live the disposables!

 9. When you enjoy your company

You have learned to enjoy a long bath, a luxurious dinner, and especially to know you better without the need to listen to anyone but your heart.