9 romantic movies to watch with your boyfriend over the weekend

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One of the activities most couple enjoyed is an afternoon or night of movies, because it is an excellent opportunity to buy a lot of food! and lie in bed or armchair with that special person.

Have a look at 9 perfect movies to watch with your partner:

9. 10 things I hate about you 

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The story focuses on two sisters who are completely different: one is the popular girl from school, and the other is the moody antisocial. 

When the father of both puts as a condition that Bianca (whom everyone wants) can not date any boy until her sister finds a partner, so Bianca and her boyfriend tries to trick Kat.

8. Made of Honor

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Tom realizes that he is completely in love with his best friend Hannah; she goes on a trip and meets a boy, with whom she returns committed. Tom has the days to let Hannah see that he is the real love of her life.

7. A star is born 

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A man – star of country music – meets Ally, a bar singer. Both fall in love and begin to write, make music and go on tour together. While she is growing artistically, Jackson sinks in alcohol, and his career is in decline.

6. Pretty woman

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A millionaire man decides to make a deal with a woman who is engaged in prostitution: she must serve as his companion for a certain amount of money, but he ends up falling in love.

5. 50 First Dates

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Starring Adam Sandler, the plot focuses on a man who falls in love with a girl every day, because she forgets everything the next morning.

4. P.S. I love you

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Woman receives letters from her late husband that bring her faith, strength and motivation and make her feel as if he is standing by her side in every situation of life.

3. What Happens in Vegas 

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A boy without a job and a girl abandoned by her fiance go to Las Vegas; both know each other, and they end up married, and they win a prize of 3 million dollars.

2. Pride & prejudice 

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A mother is obsessed with finding husbands for her five daughters, but one of them aspires to something else in life. When a wealthy and somewhat arrogant single arrives in town, Lizzie shows him that she does not seek the same as her sisters, something that attracts his attention and makes him fall in love some time later.

1. 27 Dresses

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A woman who organizes weddings is devastated to learn that her younger sister is going to marry the man she always wanted: her boss. Along the way, she meets a young columnist who will do his best to conquer her.