9 Signs that prove your friend is a toxic girl

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We live with thousands of people, all different from each other since each person’s personality is unique. So you learn to relate to them and maintain a healthy relationship of affection. But, there are people with whom, simply, you can’t! Especially with toxic girls who only see the negative side of things, and although you have learned to relate to them, maintaining a friendship like that is nothing healthy.

9 Signs that prove your friend is a toxic girl

1. Just see the negative side of things

She is an extremely negative girl who only focuses on mistakes and the problem of the situation. For her, the solutions do not exist or are bad enough.

2. Never listen to others

She is the typical girl who comes to you every time she has a problem but is not willing to listen to your difficulties and provide emotional support when you need it.

3. Criticize whoever

We know that we all have flaws and, sometimes, having a person who is honest is important to overcome ourselves. However, this girl goes from the line between honesty and constant hyper critics. Simply, nobody is as good as her.

4. End your patience

It is normal for friends to have moments of friction due to their different personalities. But with a toxic girl, everything is different: conflicts are frequent, and that makes you angry, there are times when you even bothered just for fun.

5. Not interested in feelings

Most girls have a minimum of empathy, as it is an essential ability to survive in society. Something that seems to lack is a “nice” girl, so it hurts others.

6. She makes you doubt

Instead of giving you support on any of your decisions, criticize them, highlight the negative aspects, and ask their deadly question: are you sure?

7. Cross the limits

Invade your private life, steal your time whenever she needs it and wait for your moments of vulnerability to make you feel guilty for not having been with her at some important time, as she resorts to blackmail.

8. Forgets responsibility

She is someone difficult to handle; she never assumes her responsibility; she only blames others.

9. Never apologize

She sees no reason to do so because things are always the fault of a third person; She lives in the condition of a victim.