9 ways to leave your ex behind and get over it once and for all


Love, Aaah, love! That beautiful thing that leaves us shattered when it’s over. Not only we have the energy to perform even the smallest activities, we don’t want to! Sadness hits us hard, and it seems that the only way we can get out of bed is for our ex to return.

DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN! It may seem that your sadness has no end, but there are certain things you can do to improve your situation and triumphant out of a love break. Just be strong, value yourself, and surround yourself with your best friends.

1. Do not torture yourself with social networks

You have two options: to eliminate it or to block it, but as women, we are experts in the ancient art of deception. It is better to block it because if you only eliminate it, you will spend it reviewing what it does. Make guts heart and do not make false profiles or ask your friends to spy.

2. It’s better if you take a break from social networks and cell phone

Disconnect completely to avoid temptations. Don’t just close your accounts, uninstall the apps! It is best to go out and get distracted. Life is not in the cell phone.

3. Drunk messages

It is perfect that you want to go out to have fun since you will need to distract yourself with your ex, but DO NOT SEND MESSAGES BORRACHA! In that state, everything is very easy for you and you don’t think clearly. There are two: if he does not answer, you will be made a sea of ​​tears, and if he answers, you will have vain illusions. It is better to ask your friends to keep your cell phone and not give it to you for anything in the world. You will appreciate it later.

4. Take baths with hot water

It sounds hilarious, but you would be surprised at what a good dip can do for you and your emotions. Whenever you feel desperate and anxious to look for it or very sad and overwhelmed by memories, open the hot water tap and let the negativity take away.

5. Crying is good

Do not minimize your feelings by forcing you to smile and be happy all the time, because crying is good and good. It is not a sign of weakness, and it takes courage to accept your feelings. 

6. It is forbidden to stay locked in your room

Although it may seem cliche to you, the fresh air truly gives you a new perspective, seeing trees, people, feeling the wind, the rain, seeing the lights at night. When you stay in your room, your vision is limited to four walls that will make you feel No Exit. You don’t need to make a long trip (although if you can, well, what better!), Just try to leave at least two hours a day.

7. Deschongate and then slow down

There are girls who, when they end a relationship, the first thing they want to do is go out to the club with their friends, and that’s perfect. If you like to dance, dance; If you like to be surrounded by people, surround yourself with people. But then lower the intensity, focus on yourself, and only you. What do you want to do for yourself? What are your dreams?

8. Don’t plan how to get it back

Understand that your life does not revolve around him and that you do not need someone to feel complete. If your ex wanted to leave your life, it is for something, so leave it. You should think of yourself, plan your life with yourself.

9. The Blame Game

Do not let him blame you because the relationship did not work, but above all, do not blame yourself. It is very common to think about the things that you did not do and that “would have” given a different direction to the situation, but understand that the relations are two, so if things did not happen, the problem was not you: they were with both.


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