9-year-old boy cries of happiness when taking the last pill of his treatment

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Hearing that your child has cancer should be one of the most devastating news any mother can receive. Then the day of total recovery becomes the most desired.

After 1,205 days of fighting cancer, Steven Cotter Jr. won the fight and couldn’t hold back his tears after taking his last dose of chemotherapy.

A battle that began at an early age

Steven, from Oklahoma, United States, is nine years old, and at six he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, a disease that made him feel fatigued, with bone pain all the time, making him vulnerable to infections and respiratory diseases such as influenza; It could also lead to other conditions such as anaemia.

The road to improvement is long and full of uncertainty, so leaving the battlefield once and for all means a victory worth celebrating, and it is certain to break into tears as it happened to the little one.

He is no longer afraid to make plans for the future.

Ashley Cotter, the boy’s mother, posted a touching video showing Steven taking his last dose of chemotherapy. To the side, there are about 93 empty medicine bottles that reflect the path to recovery.

Although he never stopped practising his favourite activities, such as basketball, he can now fully enjoy them without that weight on his back. One of the things that excite him most is having the freedom to plan his future without fear that cancer will get in his way, according to Mrs Cotter.

You have never seen pure happiness until you see a child cry with joy when he finds himself cancer-free in his last chemotherapy treatment.

No more chemotherapies!