97 endangered turtles are born on a desolate beach with no one to disturb them

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The coronavirus pandemic has also brought a respite to nature since with the permanence of millions of human beings in their homes, the levels of contamination have decreased, and some species have been able to reoccupy their former territories.

A beach in Paulista, Brazil, was the scene for a hundred endangered turtles to be born without any discomfort, taking advantage of the fact that there were no humans nearby.

This beach is usually crowded with people at this time of year, causing the turtles’ eggs to be trampled, thus killing the young before they could leave it.

With the coronavirus pandemic, tourists will not arrive, and locals remain at home. Only some government employees are walking on the beach, who were the ones who shared the images and even helped the turtles to reach the ocean.

The hawksbill turtle is an endangered species, so the birth of these has excited several groups that fight for their conservation.

In total, 291 sea turtles were born on the Paulista coast in 2020, with 87 green turtles and 204 hawksbill turtles. This time, due to preventive measures against the new coronavirus, the population was unable to monitor the birth closely.

—Herbert Andrade, environmentalist

In adulthood, these turtles reach a length of 110 cm and a weight of 85 kilos, although the danger does not pass, as some humans kill them or are caught in the nets of fishermen.

It is really beautiful because you can see the exact moment when the eggs hatch and see their little march across the beach. It is wonderful. It is a wonderful and extraordinary feeling.

This time, due to the coronavirus, we weren’t even able to tell people what was happening.

—Roberto Couto, Secretary of Environment at Paulista

These types of turtles are more than 100 million years old on the planet and are at risk of disappearing; therefore, this birth is to be celebrated.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus is causing death and chaos around the world for humans, but in terms of nature and other species, it has been of great benefit.