97-year-old granny starts her kitchen channel in quarantine

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We have heard it many times, usually always from our most optimistic friends. I am talking about the phrase “it is never too late to start something new,” and although it sounds very cliche, it is completely true, and a woman demonstrated it to us in a very particular way.

Thanks to technology and obviously great knowledge and experience on the subject, an adorable 97-year-old granny shares her culinary love with her followers on her Facebook wall.

Tips from friends are the best.

The idea of ​​making the videos was from a family friend, because with the situation of social distancing due to the Covid-19, she believed it was a good idea to encourage people to distract themselves from the situation, and what better way to do it than cooking.

How did Lucy start in the kitchen?

We all agree that the best culinary delights are those that are made at home and that are passed down from generation to generation, right?

My grandmother baked for her 10 children and for other people. When my father passed away in 2012, and we were cleaning the house, two large red boxes were a priority. They were full of recipes dating back to the 1920s.

—Mary Ellen Raneri

Lucy is not afraid of the camera

Unlike the fear of the camera and being filmed that most influencers have when they start in the world of videos, Lucy was the least important thing, not even if her kitchen was perfect like the ones we usually always see, because What really worried her was that the yeast in her Easter buns did not burn, because they would not sponge and that would be a problem.

Her videos became a success!

Posted by Mary Ellen Raneri on Sunday, March 29, 2020

After their first videos were uploaded to the platform, user feedback has been quite positive; They asked questions about the recipes, and Lucy, along with her daughter, answered them.

It was great to see the messages and comments we received during the first live broadcast. People mentioned all kinds of recipes that had also been passed down through their families.

—Mary Ellen Raneri

The culinary gift must be transmitted to the new generations, as it is also a way of getting to know the family that is no longer with us.