‘Clean Beauty’, the tendency to use more organic and natural cosmetics

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From movements such as eco friendly and sustainability, the fashion industry has transformed, and today, we see that the proposals of designers such as Stella McCartney are a trend because they fit the taste of consumers. The same applies to emporiums such as Adidas and Nike, which have adopted the same philosophy when designing and making sports pieces with fabrics and other biodegradable materials.

In the world of beauty, exactly the same has happened with the introduction of a trend that seems to have arrived to stay. What is known today as “Clean Beauty” focuses precisely on the replacement of traditional cosmetic products with those that contain 100% natural ingredients and are: hypoallergenic, free of synthetic chemicals, fragrances and preservatives

The objective of such a trend is to “detoxify” conventional cosmetics, as some experts in the field believe. But the most important thing about this new wave that prevails is the positive impact it causes at the environmental level and also at the individual level.

If we talk about the contributions in the skin, it suffers less from the elimination of dyes and essences, and of course, parabens, synthetic preservatives that are responsible for allergic reactions such as redness, inflammation, dryness or tightness. With respect to the environmental impact, there is a significant reduction in materials such as paper, plastic, and cardboard, since ‘Clean Beauty’ products come in organic cases.

‘Clean Beauty’ initiatives worldwide

In the United States, Europe, and Latin America, there are some projects with these same characteristics. Aveda brand products, for example, are made of plants and are pioneers in promoting post-consumer recycling of their packaging.

Another initiative that follows this idea of ​​purification, is led by the model Stefanía Fernández. “Ammaterre” is the name of its line of organic cosmetics, which, in addition to caring and beautifying the face, seeks to preserve nature by mixing elements from the terrestrial ecosystem.