A $ 70 million underground bunker is auctioned for $ 18 million and it’s a beauty

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I bet that after surviving this contingency by the COVID-19, many people will take extreme precautions to be prepared in case something similar happens again in the future, just as people who survived wars in different parts of the world, who after overcoming the tragedy, they built shelters and bunkers to protect themselves.

Take, for example, the Cold War period, when many people in the United States lived in fear of a nuclear war approaching their territory in the 1960s. Hence, around 200,000 underground shelters were built with all basic needs covered; Furthermore, it is now known that there were shelters that imitated life abroad.

And people tried to make the bunkers as homey as possible, so that their family did not feel alienated from reality. One of those lovers of suburban extravagance was Girard B. “Jerry” Henderson, an entrepreneur who made his fortune through various companies, including Avon and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation.

He built a luxurious shelter at his home in Las Vegas, worth $ 18 million. Do we agree that this costs a mansion? Well, that’s because the place is surprisingly extravagant, and today we will take a look at it, and maybe they want to buy it to take refuge from the coronavirus since it is for sale.

1. The house has a huge roofed garden

2. Most of the things in the house have double function

3. It looks like a house in the middle of the forest

4. It even has a “view” of other houses

5. The decor is very 70s

6. The house looks normal on the outside

7. The rooms are huge

8. Has 6 luxurious bathrooms

9. A disco-bar

10. And a great pool

So if you have $ 18 million to spare and want a nuclear disaster shelter, what are you waiting for to buy this cool bunker?