A teacher is fired for making the “bottle joke” to a kindergarten girl

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While it is fun to watch funny videos on the internet of people fulfilling seemingly innocent viral challenges, another thing is that you, as an adult, recreate these in your workplace, especially when more people depend on you.

A kindergarten teacher thought it would be a good idea to practice a popular TikTok social network challenge on one of her students, but everything went out of control, caused great outrage among parents, and ended up being removed from her position.

It turns out that this teacher, identified as Dariella, wanted to entertain and impress her students with a famous “magic trick” that ends up being a joke. She placed a 5-peso coin at the bottom of a bottle and asked one of her students to look inside it to see what the coin looked like. The little girl looks out and having her face close enough to the container, and the woman squeezes it splashing her face and clothes.

While the teacher and the children themselves took it with grace, as we can see in the following video, the parents found it an act of humiliation, irresponsibility, and unprofessionalism by the teacher, and accused her of taking advantage of the innocence of the child to get likes in her social networks.

Given the complaints of these parents, the Santa Fe Institute had to take immediate action and condemned the incident through a statement on its Facebook page, where it also announced that the teacher was no longer part of their staff because her actions “they do not go according to the institutional philosophy.”

Not only that, but the girl was also reported to the authorities for child abuse and will have to appear before them to explain what happened.

Maybe this woman has not done things with bad intentions, but when you are a professional in a job where you are the role model of many people, it is best to leave the jokes aside and devote yourself to your own.