Actress Lee Mi Do Goes Viral For Her Hilarious Instagram Posts Featuring Her Son

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Motherhood is difficult and complicated, but that does not mean you can not have your fun and enjoyable moments. Even so, moms need a break from time to time to recharge batteries and thus continue to face their enormous responsibility.

That is exactly what Korean actress Lee Mi-do did. In her Instagram account, she publishes funny photos of her maternal breaks and labels them with the hashtag Mom’s Personal Life. Whether in the game center, home, or on vacation, Mi-do always finds time to enjoy while taking care of her child and shows that parenting can also be fun.

This is the real-life of a mother

For 15 years, Lee Mi-do starred in numerous films and series in Korea. After having her baby, she retired from acting to devote herself.

Lee Mi-do captures every moment with her son

In her Instagram account, she posts every adventure she has with her little one, whether they go for a walk together or that she teaches him to walk, play, or even eat.

Every moment that lives with him is fun.

She never misses the opportunity to take a funny picture, she does it, especially when baby Nicolas is distracted and she back dancing or making faces. She wants her son to have a pleasant memory of his childhood and that, seeing the photos, remember that his mother is the most fun.

Video games are your favorites.

Every time they visit the mall so she can get distracted in video games. Of course, it is always on the lookout for the baby; and her husband is a great help because he can take care of the baby so she can have fun.

Mi-do celebrates motherhood

The photos are dedicated to moms. They have to sacrifice so many things when they have a baby. Don’t get me wrong. I love my son and would do anything for him. However, there are so many things to do for children, especially in South Korea, that many mothers tend to miss their personal lives.

The idea of ​​her documentary came up in Bangkok

When we went on vacation to Bangkok, my baby Nicolas was in the pool inside his float, and my husband was taking photos. He asked me to do some sexy poses; he thought it would be fun to have pictures of Nicolas and me in the background doing my things.

The pictures are comic.

But at the same time, they create some satisfaction for moms, because they invite them to want more and more their own time alone.

Moms appreciate it being an inspiration.

 I have received many words of thanks for making them feel good just by looking at the photos. Some have sent me their own images in which you can see how they enjoy visiting video game centers.

While enjoying their day to day, they also celebrate

Although, in most pictures, the baby is oblivious to what his mother is doing, she always tries to make it part of every situation. She has even thought of creating an account called: “The baby’s personal life” so they can see what happens if they reverse the roles.

It is necessary to de-stress while the baby does not observe

A glass of wine is never over, but the tip of Mi-do is that moms have to do it as long as the baby is entertained or looking away.

Moms can also go to festivals!

They can even do it with their son because who said that when you become a mother, life has to be boring?

The ball pools are also for them.

The perfect excuse to enjoy all the games is that now you have a baby, and you need to assist him to play. This is how you live and enjoy motherhood