Amber Heard’s former assistant accuses her of violence and supports Johnny Depp

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Lawyers for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are collecting evidence and testimony from close associates to clarify the circumstances under which their violent relationship took place. And more and more evidence points to Amber as abusive.

Kate James, the actres’s former personal assistant, defended Johnny and stated that she herself was a victim of constant abuse in the years she worked for her.

Anger issues

According to James, between 2012 and 2015, her life was a real nightmare because Heard lost her temper all the time and yelled and insulted her at the slightest provocation, regardless of whether they were in public.

She was regularly abusive to me, both verbally and psychologically. She was yelling at me for petty things. It was impossible to reason or give explanations because anger washed over her. She blamed me for everything. In 2012, she yelled at me for hours because she missed a flight as if I had been the cause of bad weather and snow.

Sickly jealousies

Despite the fact that Amber spoke of Johnny with contempt, she did not let him relate to anyone and kept a close eye on him.

At first, she did not tell me who her boyfriend was, but she used to express herself contemptuously. Kate said, Amber was dating an ‘old man’ and things like that. I met Johnny sometime later. The first thing I noticed was how peaceful and soft he was, a little shy. He was very nice and courteous to me. I once took my son to work and taught him how to play the guitar. I would never have left them alone if I had doubts about Johnny’s behavior.

Is Amber a liar?

In addition to her abuse testimony, the former assistant remarked that she never witnessed that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor was aggressive or violent towards Amber, on the contrary, that he was a victim of her bad character.

Given the nature of her work, it was normal for Kate to see the actress in scantily clad clothes and, she says, never appreciated a single bruise or injury.